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Release the Peanut Butter and Jelly: ODO 158

This week I had a startling revelation about my youngest son, and it involves a PB&J. Doing a complete 180, every story in the news has to do with penises. (I'm sorry. I don't plan this I swear.) Wrapping it up (see what I did there) in Recommended Listening, it's time to laugh your nose off as I "Release The Clowns"

PETA Can Suck It w/ Paul Csomo: ODO 156

July's Guest of the Month is Paul Csomo of the Varmints podcast. We talk tech savvy, family life, animal interactions, eating bugs, animal conservationism, Steve Irwin, and Funko pops.

Back To Reality: ODO 155

I’m back from vacation, and it’s one of those my yaking my head off kind of weeks. I’m going over all of the stuff from my recent vacation back to Texas, including my little brother’s Read more…