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This week we’re back to a “normal” show with the tale of my 3 day battle with the sun and the sprinklers. The news is back with 4 “Florida Man” stories from this week, and in Recommended Listening, it’s a new show from a past featured host. It’s time to get up and go jogging with Stacey Frost and “Run With Me On This.”

More Yard Work

Our annual family vacation is fast approaching. But our newly developed gardens have created a new issue for while we’re away. How the hell are the gardens getting watered while we’re gone?!

This lead to the decision that we would need to install a drip irrigation system for all of the raised garden beds. And by “we” I mean “me.” I spent the better part of 3 days installing, disassembling, reinstalling, and burying around 200 feet of drip irrigation lines around my yard.

In Phoenix…
In June…
In 100+ degrees…

You could say I got a bit of sun.

BS From The News

The man had a .36 blood alcohol level. How was he even handling a samuai sword?

All I can say is, that’s one seriously scorched scrotum. 

  • Florida man with machete face tattoo accused of machete attack

A face tattoo, and walking around with a machete? This guy is ALL the red flags.

Drugs are bad Mmmkay?

-Recommended Listening-

Run With Me On This

Each episode Stacey takes you on a journey to discover an interesting topic. All this is set to a background of upbeat music to keep you running, cycling or swimming. Of course, if you’re just sitting in the car you can choose the beat free version for a more relaxing distraction

If you enjoy slightly unusual trivia of the practically useless variety mixed with dry British humor, this is the podcast for you. Stacey, formerly of the “Rough Giraffe” podcast, brings you in depth trivia and history about subjects that you really don’t think about. From alcohol to cannibalism, Stacey gives you way more information than you thought you may ever want to know, all with a fist full of her signature silliness. Combine that with some funky independent musicians providing the tunes and you have the perfect silly informational podcast to act as the soundtrack for your morning run.

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