ODO 167: “All Together” Kids are Gonna Kill You

Ever have one of those days where you’re sure there was something you needed to do, but then you forget? That’s me today. I know I had a topic planned for this week, but damnit if I didn’t forget what it was. That there is the colander that is my brain. So we get to go on this mystery trip on my train of though together. But I do have some updates from last week’s show, and a news segment packed with poor decisions. Finally, in Recommended Listening, in honor of Halloween, I’m giving you reason to worry about the kids coming to your door with “Murderous Minors: Killer Kids.”

ODO 125

This Is Halloween: ODO 125

Happy Halloween everyone! This week I simply take a stroll through the headstones and talk about all of the things that get me in the mood for Halloween. From Music and movies to, of course, podcasts. I chat about the Netflix series “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and have the long awaited Recommended Listening feature of “Sirenicide.”


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ODO 108

ODO 108: Kinder Grads, Car Trouble, and Conspiracies

So last week was super busy. Between Kindergarten graduation, my brother in town, and other family events, I just didn’t have time to record a new episode. It was fun but busy. Aaannnd then Saturday night hit, and my weekend turned from great to crap on a dime. In the news I’ve got a 15 minute marriage, skipping work to be a god, and some very adult puppets getting in trouble with their friendlier cousins. The Jackass of the Week goes to a plastic surgeon who needs to spend some time behind bars instead of in front of a camera. Finally in Recommended Listening, it’s time to get our conspiracy on with Hysteria 51.

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ODO 88: Did I Mention I’m Dumb?

The boys are back in school, it’s back to normal around the house, and I just keep doing things that demonstrate that I’m not always that bright. I’ve got a packed news week including frozen animals, hippie water, and things being found in bodies that just shouldn’t be there. With all that variety of twisted stuff, this week’s Recommended Listening feature goes to “Twisted Philly.”

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The Calgary Zoo has had to bring their flock of King penguins indoors because the extreme weather conditions may be too cold for the birds. You read that right. It’s too cold in Canada for penguins.

The recent deep freeze along the east coast of the US has caused many reptiles to “freeze” and become paralyzed. People have reported frozen iguanas falling out of trees seeming to be dead. They’re not. It’s just too cold.

The iguanas have a good chance of thawing out if you move them in the sun. Just be careful @CBS12 pic.twitter.com/Qn2w6NFedD

— Maxine Bentzel (@MaxineBentzel) January 4, 2018

The newest food fad coming out of California is what they’re calling Raw Water.” That would be, unfiltered, untreated, spring water, which costs as much as $15 a gallon. Never mind that water shouldn’t cost that much. Untreated water, even from a natural spring, can be full of bacteria, and it eventually turns green from the spores and bacteria that live in it.

A Taiwanese dentist was sued by his mother for failing to honor a contract he signed agreeing to pay her back for the costs of his upbringing and education. His mother, afraid her two sons, who she raised by herself, wouldn’t take care of her in her old age, made both him and his brother sign a contract agreeing to give them part of their profits as dentists until they paid back the $1.7 Million it cost to raise them and put them through dental school.

A British woman spent 6 years being treated for what doctors believed to be Crohn’s disease with no improvement. Surgeons discovered a Heinz ketchup packet lodged in her intestines that appears to have mimicked the symptoms of Crohn’s disease, including bloating and abdominal pain.

During a strip search, a Pennsylvania inmate was found to have a balloon containing synthetic marijuana in his rectum. After the court added another 3-6 years to his sentence for possession of an illegal substance, he appealed the sentence claiming that the drugs weren’t his. He lost. 


Logan Paul and the Suicide Forest

YouTuber (idiot) Logan Paul and his crew, while shooting footage for his channel in Japan’s “Suicide Forest,” stumbled across the deceased  body of a man hanging in the forest. Rather than stop filming (like decent people), they continued filming and turned it all into just another video for his YouTube channel, even as far as asking for likes at the end. After public pressure, he later took the video down and issued an apology, but even his apology video had ads running so that he could make money from it.  


Twisted Philly


“There’s more mischief, mayhem and nefarious goings on in the city of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection than Billy Penn could have ever imagined. Twisted Philly features stories from Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania at large, including true crime, history and hauntings, legends plus some of the coolest and creepiest places to visit. Who knows what I’ll get up to in the twisted city of Philly.”


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ODO 85: I Wish You An Odd Christmas

Since Christmas is coming up next week, and the news has a serendipitous way of picking my show themes, this week I’m talking all about Christmas. Around Our house we don’t exactly do “Christmas.” We celebrate Yule, which is the holiday that most Christmas traditions originate from. The news brings tales of twisted stuffing, Christmas eyebrows, tiny cows and more. In place of a regular “Recommended Listening” segment, I’m serving up a list of slightly twisted holiday episodes from some of my favorite podcasts.


A man in the UK is still using a set of Christmas lights his mother purchased 48 years ago. He keeps them permanently on an artificial tree to avoid damaging them and claims he has never had to change a light bulb. 

First off, miniature cows are totally a thing that’s been around for a while. There’s a farmer in Iowa who has managed to breed an entire herd of them averaging only 33 inches tall. That is smaller than some breeds of dogs. So why not skip the puppy and get a mini-cow for Christmas.

Because there’s never a shortage of dumb ways to apply makeup. This year brings a trend of using gel to shape eyebrows to look like trees and then decorate them with jewels and stickers to look like a Christmas tree. 
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In recent years the SJW crowd has turned their sights on our childhoods. Now different people are taking apart Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer claiming it’s everything from a story that supports bullying and exploitation to claiming he’s a transgender icon. Can’t we just let a cartoon be a cartoon and enjoy it?

  • Woman Plans To Eat Her Mother’s Ashes In Her Christmas Stuffing

Claiming that it will bring her closer to her deceased mother, a woman has announced that she intendeds to mix her mother’s ashes into the stuffing in her Christmas turkey. If she’s already cremated, does this still count as cannibalism?