ODO 125

This Is Halloween: ODO 125

Happy Halloween everyone! This week I simply take a stroll through the headstones and talk about all of the things that get me in the mood for Halloween. From Music and movies to, of course, podcasts. I chat about the Netflix series “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and have the long awaited Recommended Listening feature of “Sirenicide.”


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ODO 87: New Year, Same Stupidity

Happy New Year! This week’s news shows that just because the year is new, doesn’t mean that the stupidity has changed one bit. I’ve got an ignorant burglar, an idiotic driver, a bunch of people who just didn’t get a joke, and even more stupidity. Plus I rattle on about New Year’s and my birthday and all the little side tangents that those take me to. In Recommended Listening I’ve got something a little spooky, a little creepy, and a whole lot of silly with “The Unseen Hour.”

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The annual Polar Plunge in Hyannis, Massachusetts has been postponed because it’s just too cold to watch. The weather forecast predicted a wind chill below zero degrees. Although it may be ok for the plungers, it’s not so great for the spectators.
A Pennsylvania man plead guilty to burglary charges after cutting a hole between his and his neighbors basements and stealing about $200 in quarters. His lawyer called it a “crime of stupidity,” because he couldn’t imagine his client could really think he’d get away with something like that.
A new law went in to effect Jan. 1st that made it legal for people in smaller counties in Oregon to pump their own gas. Some Oregon residents have filed complaints ranging from not wanting to smell like gasoline, to fear of catching fire or blowing up, or simply that they don’t actually know how to fill up their own gas tank.
Amazon Prime aired live coverage of the 2018 Rose Parade. The twist is that it was put on by Funny or Die and hosted by Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon playing fake broadcasters Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan. Amazon was flooded with complaints and negative reviews from people who didn’t recognize the comedians or figure out that the entire thing was a parody.


Car Gets Stuck In Queens Quay Tunnel

Around 4am on New Year’s Eve, Toronto police were called about a Ford SUV found abandoned in the Queens Quay Streetcar tunnel. The license plates and all personal items had been removed from the vehicle. There have been over 20 other incidents like this since 2014, even though they city has added extra lights, signage, and rumble strips to deter drivers.



The Unseen Hour

“Stories of the mysterious, the horrifying and the absurd. Performed live by 3 actors in 10 roles, in the style of old time radio drama. With special guests every episode.”

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