ODO 71: C U Next Tueday


This week I got both a good laugh and a painful lesson from listening to She Podcasts. Warning, don’t teach your Mexican co-worker what  “See You Next Tuesday” means. Spoilers: it doesn’t end well. I’ve also got eclipse news, dead bodies in strange places, a workplace affair gone horribly wrong, and by far the worst way to find out your spouse is cheating. All that, and I revisit a previous feature for it’s spinoff podcast, Movie Maintenance Presents.


Because the Bible describes the Sun and Moon as “Signs” this guy thinks that the Moon covering up the Sun is a sign that God is being covered up by the works of Satan, or something like that.
French scientists released research showing how male clown-fish, like Marlin in “Finding Nemo,” will change from male to female if their mate dies. Also clown-fish apparently never leave their homes.

Artist Stephanie Rose has decided to oppose selfie culture in a “special” way. She takes what she’s dubbed “StefDies.” She drops, face down, dead in random locations, some major tourist spots, and has a picture taken. She says that people need to stop being part of the camera and be start being part of the picture.

If somebody dies in a NYC subway, the policy is to get the body removed quickly and get business back up and running ASAP. Apparently this also means that when they bag and tag a body, they dump it in the nearest, out of public view, area around. This often ends up being the subway workers’ break rooms or random storage closets.
  • Officer Fired And Arrested After Getting Pregnant From Inmate

A former corrections officer is 6 months pregnant and facing 10 years in prison on rape and corruption charges after having an affair with an inmate for over a year.


  • Illinois Man Books Prostitute, Too Bad It Was His Wife
An Illinois man was left in shock when the prostitute he booked through his favorite web service turned out to be his wife. She was equally shocked to find out of his habit of hiring prostitutes.


Movie Maintenance Presents


“From thrillers to comedies to biopics, the Movie Maintenance crew from Sanspants Radio, working with Bitten By Productions, bring you a series of original radio plays, written by some of Melbourne’s most exciting up and coming writers – or, y’know, those guys you occasionally listen to on that podcast. Some of these stories you’ll recognize from pitches on Movie Maintenance, others are total originals, all of them are probably worth your time. Featuring professional actors and immersive sound effects, Movie Maintenance Presents is guaranteed to offer you at least a middling good time once a month.”


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