ODO 39: The Power Is Yours

The Power is Yours

This week I’ve got a lesson in trademark law courtesy of Disney and a movie update including Captain Planet. Plus I share my recent experience in DIY plumbing and the “Jackass of the Week” brings another emergency service worker with job issues.

Movie News

Leonardo DiCaprio to Produce Captain Planet Movie  

Big surprise that the “King of the Militant Hippies,” Leonardo DiCaprio is going to produce a Captain Planet movie. I loved Captain Planet as a kid, but seriously do we need another way for Leo to shove an organically grown, carbon neutral, 100% recyclable tree hugging guilt trip collectively down our throats? I get it, you’re into the green living thing. Don’t fuck up my cartoons. “The power is yours.”


Fox releases first trailer for “Logan”

The final Wolverine film, simply titled “Logan,” got it’s first trailer this week and it is beautiful. The movie will apparently follow along the idea of the “old man Logan”comic arc. Personally I loved the use of the Johnny Cash cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt.” This is just a beautiful trailer hands down.


Lucasfilm sues would-be jedis 

So this is a thing. Apparently there have been multiple Jedi Lightsaber training schools in Europe, but now there is finally one in the good old USA. Too bad for the wannabe Jedi, Lucasfilms is suing to shut down the schools since they violate their trademark. Disney paid a lot of money for Star Wars. You can’t expect them to just let you make money from it without permission.

Nintendo Announces the “Switch”

This week Nintendo released a teaser trailer for the new system formerly known as the NX. the new system officially called the “Switch” is part console and part handheld. The entire thing looks amazing if it works as well as described. It’s definitely a game changer just in its ability to span both sides of gaming.


Indiana firefighter charged with arson 

I’m getting really tired of reading about these emergency service people not doing their damn jobs. On the other hand, this guy liked his job so much, he created more work to do. Unfortunately he seemed to miss the part in fireman orientation where they explained that that is a felony.

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