ODO 47: Podcasting as a Dad


Podcasting as a Dad

 Congratulations to Daniel J. Lewis from “The Audacity to Podcast” on the birth of his first son, “Noodle Baby.” 

The birth of “Noodle Baby” inspired me to talk about the idea of how having kids kills your podcast. Of course I can’t keep to the topic at hand and go on talking about general Dadness. I love being a dad, and I love being a podcaster, but those things do in fact butt heads at times.
I have missed many weeks on this show due to family life, but that is part of the trade off of wearing both hats. Something has to take priority, and in my life that is always going to be my family.


  • Man fights speeding ticket, says radar caught deer going 40 mph not him

A Massachusetts man fighting a speeding ticket in court had a unique explanation — the officer’s radar gun may have picked up a deer.

When police officers in Western Australia stopped a speeding pickup truck, the unidentified driver claimed to be exceeding the legal limit because “the wind was pushing me.” 

A man in South Wales was caught on camera stealing two pizzas from a “Papa Johns” while dressed as a Heineken bottle.



Daniel J. Lewis hosts what has to be the most thorough and complete podcast about podcasting. The Audacity to Podcast was actually awarded #1 technology podcast in 2012. If you are at all interested in starting or improving your podcast, this is the show to listen to.