Celebrity Tragedy and Charcoal Coffee: ODO 62

This week has been marred by tragedy in the entertainment world. Chris Cornell was found dead, a terrorist bomber attacked an Ariana Grande concert, and today brought the loss of James Bond actor Roger Moore. On the lighter side, Supernatural is crossing over with Scooby-Doo, and I’ve found a kind of coffee out there that I just wont touch. Plus a return to Zimbabwe for the “Jackass Of The Week” and this week’s “Recommended Listening” goes to the entire Movie Pod Squad.


Grunge Rock icon, Chris Cornell of the bands Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, and Audioslave, was found dead in his hotel room in Detroit. Coroners ruled his death a suicide by hanging. Cornell’s wife claims a prescription for Ativan may have been at fault.

  • Manchester Concert Bombing Fake News and ISIS


Some people are passing fake news stories around regarding the recent terrorist bombing at an Ariana Grande concert. Some stories show false images of Grande injured from the attack and reports of a gunman near an area hospital. Others claim Grande has retired from music due to the attack. All are false. The one truth that has come forward is that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

On top of the seven lawsuits, including the previously mentioned $100 million dollar class action suit, the promoters of the infamous Fyre Festival are now being investigated by the FBI. Investigators are looking into possible wire, mail, and securities fraud in connection with the event.

  • Supernatural Doing An Animated Scooby-Doo Episode

After 12 seasons of demons, angels, time travel, and monster hunting, the Winchesters are going for the ultimate crossover. In season 13, the ultimate monster hunters are meeting up with Mystery Incorporated for an animated crossover.


A Pennsylvania man is selling a moldy tuna sandwich on e-bay with a minimum sale price of $30,000, because the mold is in the shape of a Mickey Mouse logo. In his defense, he said the posting was kind of a gag, and he intends to donate 50% of the sale price to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospitals. He even has the auction verified as a confirmed charity posting.


A video going viral online shows a little girl being pulled into the water off a dock by a male sea lion. She was quickly rescued and nobody was hurt.
An Indonesian coffee stall owner has revived the rare drink known as Kopi Joss, which is a highly sweetened coffee with a red hot piece of coal added in. The drink supposedly is good for relieving nausea and other stomach issues. Some claim it tastes the same as normal coffee, others say it has a slight caramel flavor.


A Christian pastor in Zimbabwe is claiming to have received God’s direct phone number and regularly get directions from the Almighty. As “proof” that he is telling the truth, he has released the audio of some of his calls and broadcasts them on his church’s TV station.



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