ODO 108

ODO 108: Kinder Grads, Car Trouble, and Conspiracies

So last week was super busy. Between Kindergarten graduation, my brother in town, and other family events, I just didn’t have time to record a new episode. It was fun but busy. Aaannnd then Saturday night hit, and my weekend turned from great to crap on a dime. In the news I’ve got a 15 minute marriage, skipping work to be a god, and some very adult puppets getting in trouble with their friendlier cousins. The Jackass of the Week goes to a plastic surgeon who needs to spend some time behind bars instead of in front of a camera. Finally in Recommended Listening, it’s time to get our conspiracy on with Hysteria 51.

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ODO 107

ODO 107: I Don’t Need To Be Rich

The Livestream For The Cure is over and they managed to raise over $11,000 for the Cancer Research Institute. I’ve got a small sidebar about my son and coffee, and this week I came to realization that I don’t really want to be rich. The news brings some questionable headlines, an irritable barber, and an absent-minded astronaut. At long last, the time has come for this week’s Recommended Listening feature: Who’s Right w/ Doug and Anthony.


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ODO 105

ODO 105: I’m Not A Doctor, But I Play One On YouTube



I know I promised an Epic Film Guys guest spot this week, but sometimes schedules don’t work out the best. I get into why I’ve got 2 shows that dropped this week,  and I share my experience from just a few days ago with my 4 year old and a scorpion. I’ve also got an SMF News break from Mike Jolitz and a very full news segment on my own with a lot of tales of YouTube doctoring. And finally in recommended listening, I’ve got a very funny straightforward movie podcast featuring 2 movie professionals from Australia, “We Watched A Thing.



ODO 102

ODO 102: “Now That I’m Older” I Have Allergies

Spring has sprung, at least in Arizona, and I’m definitely feeling it. I can’t really say the same for the rest of the country. The news has been pretty random this week. No real theme, just lots of oddity. I’ve got Tarantula burgers, bad jokes, and even a couple drug smugglers. And in “Recommended Listening” it’s time to look back at our childhood with “Now That I’m Older.”



ODO 101

ODO 101: Old Reliable “Idiots”

We’re back to “normal” this week. At least as normal as things really get around here. I’ve been spending a lot of time working on building the website and the patreon for the show. Of course that means I haven’t been nearly as productive as I’d have liked to have been. But we did get a new Shark. That’s exciting right? The news this week gets us back to those standard stories of drugs, bad judgement, and plain old stupidity. The “Jackass of The Week” puts a new twist on the old excuse, “it’s not mine.” Finally, in Recommended Listening, I’m getting back to guests from the Livestream For The Cure with another Phoenix based show: BSP: The Idio[t]Syncracy Files.



ODO 99: Have I Mentioned I’m Easily Distracted?

Once again I’m behind this week on account of my being easily distracted by different things. I’ve been trying out recording music and building a new website for the show (which was a total bust.) The news brings in oblivious archaeologists, militant vegans, and some people seriously manipulating their faith. I drop in a little #NiceGuyAdam segment, and in lieu of a podcast feature, I’m talking about the Livestream For The Cure 2.0 coming up May 18-20.




ODO 98: More “Stupider” Than

I’m feeling a little out of sorts this week. Maybe it’s because I’m recording on tuesday. Maybe it’s because the boys and ReAnna are home all week on spring break. Either way I just feel weird. But I did have a very scenic weekend of driving for work. All that driving made me realize how much I love landscapes. Chris the Mole Man brings his unique kind of tribute to the passing of Stephen Hawking. The news is loaded with all kinds of stupidity from golden dog jackets to putting a hit on a hitman. Finally, I kick off the Road to the Livestream For The Cure, with PodFix members “More Gooder Than.”


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ODO 97: A Story For Every Story

ODO 97: A Story For Every Story

It’s been a fun week around the Odd house. I’ve decided I want to start writing more for the blog. I’m trying to do more with the Facebook group. We took the family to the food truck festival. I got to be a part of the Sunshine Summit 2018 and hang out in the live streams. And it seems that I have some sort of personal story for every news story this week, except for one.


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Scientists in Israel claim to have created a solution of nano-particles that can repair damaged corneas and correct both near and far sightedness. The treatment would include corneal mapping done via smartphone.
  • Homeless Camp Found On Top Of Amtrak Station
Authorities found what appears to be a homeless person’s camp built into a cement structure on the top of a California Amtrak station. Officers found a tent and other amenities in the structure.
An Arizona woman was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) after causing a three car accident while on the way to her wedding. She was released later the same day.


Former ‘Officer of the Year’ Arrested For Drugs and Child Neglect

A Florida sheriff’s deputy and his girlfriend were arrested after neighbors reported screaming and gunshots at his home. When officers arrived, they found cocaine, marijuana, spent shell casings on the floor, and bullet holes in the walls. The couple’s 2 year old child was also in the home. Back in 2016, the deputy had been awarded the Florida Sheriffs Association “Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.”

 -Sunshine Summit 2018-

sunshine summit 2018
The Sunshine Summit 2018 is upon us, and it’s been a blast getting to be a part of it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching all the live streams and hearing the stories from all the guests. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve been mentioned by nearly everyone. My experience with the summit has opened up new opportunities for me guesting on other shows, as well as opening me up to new ideas for this show in the future.


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ODO 93: Hearts, Hoops, And A Whole Lot Of Stupid

Happy Valentine’s Day! My wife made me not only buy her a gift, but have it delivered to her at work. She also bought me a gift when I told her not to, so I guess we’re even. We had a great family trip to see the World Championship Hoop Dancing competition in Phoenix this weekend, and everyone had a blast. I took a poll to crown the “Jackass of the Week.” Finally, since I seem to be throwing format out the window this month, I chat about the upcoming Sunshine Summit 2018 being put on by Heather from Sunshine and PowerCuts.

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For Valentine’s I bought by wife a set of chocolate dipped strawberries from Edible Arrangements
We also spent our weekend enjoying the music and dancing at the Heard Museum for the 28th Annual World Championship of Hoop Dancing.
A post shared by Adam Higgins (@odddadout) on

A post shared by Adam Higgins (@odddadout) on


A college professor was fired after nearly failing a student because the student said that Australia is a country. The professor was insistent that Australia is only a continent and not a country.
  • Man appeals DWI conviction claiming that the blood-alcohol level test discriminates against alcoholics.

After his fourth DWI conviction, a man is appealing his case claiming that using a simple blood-alcohol level test for arrests discriminates against alcoholics who have a higher tolerance for alcohol. He insists that because alcoholics have a higher alcohol tolerance, their driving ability is not as impaired by the lower legal limit and they should not be subject to the same regulations.


Suspected poacher in South Africa gets eaten by lions.

The head and some innards of a n unknown man were found in a game hunting preserve in South Africa, seemingly eaten by a pride of lions. Near the remains was a loaded hunting riffle. That combined with park officials not recognizing the man lead them to believe he was a poacher in the park.




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Sunshine and PowerCuts- Sunshine Summit

Celebrity Tragedy and Charcoal Coffee: ODO 62

This week has been marred by tragedy in the entertainment world. Chris Cornell was found dead, a terrorist bomber attacked an Ariana Grande concert, and today brought the loss of James Bond actor Roger Moore. On the lighter side, Supernatural is crossing over with Scooby-Doo, and I’ve found a kind of coffee out there that I just wont touch. Plus a return to Zimbabwe for the “Jackass Of The Week” and this week’s “Recommended Listening” goes to the entire Movie Pod Squad.


Grunge Rock icon, Chris Cornell of the bands Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, and Audioslave, was found dead in his hotel room in Detroit. Coroners ruled his death a suicide by hanging. Cornell’s wife claims a prescription for Ativan may have been at fault.

  • Manchester Concert Bombing Fake News and ISIS


Some people are passing fake news stories around regarding the recent terrorist bombing at an Ariana Grande concert. Some stories show false images of Grande injured from the attack and reports of a gunman near an area hospital. Others claim Grande has retired from music due to the attack. All are false. The one truth that has come forward is that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

On top of the seven lawsuits, including the previously mentioned $100 million dollar class action suit, the promoters of the infamous Fyre Festival are now being investigated by the FBI. Investigators are looking into possible wire, mail, and securities fraud in connection with the event.

  • Supernatural Doing An Animated Scooby-Doo Episode

After 12 seasons of demons, angels, time travel, and monster hunting, the Winchesters are going for the ultimate crossover. In season 13, the ultimate monster hunters are meeting up with Mystery Incorporated for an animated crossover.


A Pennsylvania man is selling a moldy tuna sandwich on e-bay with a minimum sale price of $30,000, because the mold is in the shape of a Mickey Mouse logo. In his defense, he said the posting was kind of a gag, and he intends to donate 50% of the sale price to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospitals. He even has the auction verified as a confirmed charity posting.


A video going viral online shows a little girl being pulled into the water off a dock by a male sea lion. She was quickly rescued and nobody was hurt.
An Indonesian coffee stall owner has revived the rare drink known as Kopi Joss, which is a highly sweetened coffee with a red hot piece of coal added in. The drink supposedly is good for relieving nausea and other stomach issues. Some claim it tastes the same as normal coffee, others say it has a slight caramel flavor.


A Christian pastor in Zimbabwe is claiming to have received God’s direct phone number and regularly get directions from the Almighty. As “proof” that he is telling the truth, he has released the audio of some of his calls and broadcasts them on his church’s TV station.



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