Moxie Labouche: Your Brain On Facts- NAPODPOMO Day 2

Day 2 of NAPODPOMO brings my first interview of the month. I have Moxie Labouche, the host of “Your Brain On Facts” to talk about podcasting and podcast listening.
This is the format that was originally intended for the month’s interviews before I abandoned that plan.

Your Brain On Facts
Your Brain On Facts

A Sick Dog, R. Kelly, A Girl, And Her Horror: ODO 165

Geeze I’m busy this week. With all of the preparing for NAPODPOMO I almost forgot I still needed to do a regular episode. On top of that, our dog has been sick and I’ve been having to take him back and forth to his vet with no answers yet. In the news: I’ve got a guy who likes to scam scammers, a stupid woman who should have been eaten, and R. Kelly reaffirming that he’s not only a douchebag, but also a jackass. Finally in Recommended Listening, I’m gonna try to keep it creepy for October with this week’s feature: “A Girl And Her Horror.”


You Give Love A Bad Name: ODO 82

I’m a whole new kind of sick this week, having woken up with a sinus infection, but that wont keep me down. This week I’m chatting about having recently moved our youngest son out of our bedroom at last. The news brings us tales of relationships, from finding a new boyfriend, to marriage complications, and all the way to “death do us part.” The “Jackass of The Week” proves that it’s never too early to get a good deal. Finally, I make a hard tone change for this week’s Recommended Listening feature, “Sunshine and PowerCuts.”

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A 65 year-old, double divorcee, from Thailand has taken an unconventional step in trying to find lifelong love. She placed a sign on her front gate describing the kind of man she is looking for and instructing interested gentlemen to inquire inside. Let’s hope the 3rd time’s the charm.
A Thai woman is suing her former fiance after he failed to show for their wedding. According to the ex-groom, he didn’t show because he couldn’t afford to pay the dowry promised to the bride’s family. The bride’s parents are fuming after having paid over 100,000 Baht for the wedding and food, when the groom was supposed to pay them 200,000 Baht.
A 91 year-old Argentinian woman agreed to marry her 23 year-old  grand-nephew in order for him to receive a widower’s pension and continue his education after she died.
An Egyptian woman is trying to divorce her husband after only 2 weeks of marriage because he does all of the household chores. He spends all of his time cooking and cleaning and refuses to let her help.
A Houston man partnered with FBI agents to fake his own death after discovering that his wife tried to hire a hit-man to kill him. Lucky for him the man she contacted was a former student of his and informed him of the plot.


First “Black Friday” Shopper Lines Up In Texas

As of November 9th, there is already a tent camped outside of a Best Buy in Laredo, Texas.
I thought there were laws against camping out so soon, but I guess I was wrong.



Sunshine and PowerCuts

“Embark on a journey to reconnect with nature and re-sync yourself to the world around you. Tune in for insights into life Off Grid. Re-discover what Lights You Up and Let the Light In so that you can Shine Bright! Life is beautiful; Enjoy its beauty and be empowered by nature.”


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ODO 81: Landscaping Woes, Meatless Balls, and Other “Podcasts We Listen To”

After being kept up extra late with a couple sick boys, I’m getting sick myself, but “the show must go on!” After my sick boys chat, things turn toward my recent HOA “violation” and my twisted history with those. Oddly it all ends up back on landscaping for some reason. The news brings tales of mistaken identity, death threats, and a national emergency. In my sick brain I completely forgot to do the Jackass of the Week, but that’s fine because I went extra long talking about this week’s “Recommended Listening” feature, “Podcasts We Listen To.”

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A man in England suffers from a rare condition that causes him to hear a version of England’s National Anthem on a continuous loop. It’s said to be a result of hearing loss.

A German man reported what was believed to be an unexploded WWII bomb in his garden. When authorities arrived it was good to be a zucchini. Although they agreed it did look like a bomb.

  • Chef Gets Death Threats Over Vegan Meatballs

A chef began receiving death threats after entering vegan meatballs into a meatball competition.
Conflict between dairy farmers and retailers has created a price war in the largest butter consuming nation that has lead to a retail shortage of butter. As retailers refuse to pay higher prices, dairy producers are taking their products across the border where they can sell .


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