ODO 69: School Stress and Stupdity w/ ReAnna

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After a month long break caused by our family vacation, a dead computer, and a newly mobile toddler beating down the studio door, I’m back, and my wife, ReAnna, decided to join me and talk about some of the stuff that we dealt with at the beginning of the summer. We also shared some crazy Texas news stories from our vacation, a very devoted doctor, and a whole mess of people doing stupid stuff. In “Recommended Listening” I’ve got the slightly deceptively named “Nerds With Words.”


  • Technician Gets Trapped Inside ATM While Repairing Lock

Corpus Christi police said a contractor, got stuck in an ATM room at a local Bank of America while attempting to change the lock on the machine.

A Texas man was wounded after he fired a gun at an armadillo and the bullet ricocheted back to hit him in his face.

Bestherbs Coffee LLC is voluntarily recalling a number of its coffee after it was discovered one of its ingredients is “structurally similar to sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra,” according to an FDA recall notice.

  • Pregnant Doctor Stops Own Labor To Deliver Patient’s Baby

Dr. Amanda Hess was preparing to have labor induced for the birth of her second daughter at a Kentucky hospital when she heard one of her patients also in labor.

An amputee was arrested after he duct taped a machete in place of his missing arm and ran around wearing a clown mask.

After being told for 28 years that their son was too handsome to be theirs, a Chinese family took a DNA test and proved that he wasn’t theirs at all.


While visiting a wildlife preserve, a man leaned against a wall and was allegedly teasing the bear by dangling a bowl of rice over its head, until the animal stood on its back legs and pulled him in. 

  • Women Stranded On River For 6 Hours Because They Thought It Ran In A Circle

Three Michigan women became stranded overnight because they thought the river they were in ran in a circle.


Nerds With Words


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