ODO 70: Weird is World Wide

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This week I’ve had some great interactions with other podcasters, surprisingly in my area. One little twitter follow from a podcaster in my town lead to a rabbit hole of podcast discovery from surprisingly big names in my area. The news this week is coming from all around the world, from Australia to Shanghai. The featured podcast this week is a little self serving since it’s my other show, “Mom and Dad Cuss.” Why recommend my own show? Because it’s funny and my wife is on it too.



  • Shanghai Man Uses Ambulance As Ride Share Vehicle
A logistics driver decided that he would use the ambulance he was delivering to make some extra cash as a ride-share vehicle along the way. Does this classify as an upgraded vehicle option?
An ad for a 2 room apartment in Amsterdam says the unit features a fully equipped private kitchen except for a cooktop, because cooking is banned “by regulations” in the unit. On the plus side, not being able to cook means never having to wash dishes.


Apparently dabbing, that idiotic dance move, is banned in Saudi Arabia. The government claims that the move glorifies drug use. So using it in a public is enough to get you arrested. (Can we start that rule in America?)
A shrimp restaurant in China came under fire for putting up signs offering discounts to ladies based on bust size. 5% for an A-cup, up to 65% for a G-cup. Yeah it’s sexist, but if they did something like that for Chinese men, they would probably all get the 5% discount. *wink wink*


Rich Guy Buys Special Cage To Protect His Rolls-Royce, Then Wrecks Into His Own Cage

An Australian man bought a Rolls-Royce, and had a custom cage built to protect it from damage. Unfortunately he lacked the driving skill to actually pull the car in to the cage and repeatedly hit the it, until the car had to be towed away for repairs. The moral of the story, people who own Rolls-Royces should pay somebody to drive them around.


Mom and Dad Cuss (a Little)


“Listen to Adam and ReAnna Higgins discuss their marriage, trying to stay sane raising 4 boys, and a home life that is a little off from “normal.” We bicker and wisecrack and rant and rave and give an honest view of parenting without the sugar coating”


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