ODO 93: Hearts, Hoops, And A Whole Lot Of Stupid

Happy Valentine’s Day! My wife made me not only buy her a gift, but have it delivered to her at work. She also bought me a gift when I told her not to, so I guess we’re even. We had a great family trip to see the World Championship Hoop Dancing competition in Phoenix this weekend, and everyone had a blast. I took a poll to crown the “Jackass of the Week.” Finally, since I seem to be throwing format out the window this month, I chat about the upcoming Sunshine Summit 2018 being put on by Heather from Sunshine and PowerCuts.

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For Valentine’s I bought by wife a set of chocolate dipped strawberries from Edible Arrangements
We also spent our weekend enjoying the music and dancing at the Heard Museum for the 28th Annual World Championship of Hoop Dancing.
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A post shared by Adam Higgins (@odddadout) on


A college professor was fired after nearly failing a student because the student said that Australia is a country. The professor was insistent that Australia is only a continent and not a country.
  • Man appeals DWI conviction claiming that the blood-alcohol level test discriminates against alcoholics.

After his fourth DWI conviction, a man is appealing his case claiming that using a simple blood-alcohol level test for arrests discriminates against alcoholics who have a higher tolerance for alcohol. He insists that because alcoholics have a higher alcohol tolerance, their driving ability is not as impaired by the lower legal limit and they should not be subject to the same regulations.


Suspected poacher in South Africa gets eaten by lions.

The head and some innards of a n unknown man were found in a game hunting preserve in South Africa, seemingly eaten by a pride of lions. Near the remains was a loaded hunting riffle. That combined with park officials not recognizing the man lead them to believe he was a poacher in the park.




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