ODO 91: Camels and Peacocks and Ghosts, Oh My!

As usual, I’m generally tired. This week though I have a better than normal reason. I’ve got a jam packed news segment ranging from camel botox to “emotional support peacocks.” A couple stories throw me into kind of mini rants including the “Jackass Of The Week.” This week’s featured podcast comes from the host of a previously featured show. It’s the return of Darel “Big D” Smith and his wife, Cindy, with Smoke and Mirrors.

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A 20 year old woman from Scotland has been receiving death threats after starting a GoFundMe to pay for breast reduction surgery. She suffers from a rare bone disease with symptoms similar to arthritis which is only compounded by her size 32K breasts.
Nearly a dozen camels were disqualified from this year’s “camel beauty contest” in Saudi Arabia when their handlers used Botox to improve their appearance.

The Continental Bar, in Manhattan, has posted a sign stating that it will kick you out for using the word “literally.” “Literally” has practically become a catchphrase for the entire Kardashian clan.

THERE’S STILL HOPE IN THIS WORLD! ???#StopKardashianismNOW pic.twitter.com/Y5ggDYs8XZ

— EL Adl (@ElAdl1995) January 26, 2018


When French supermarket chain Intermarche put Nutella spread on sale at 70% off, the rush to get some turned chaotic. Some locations reported crowds shoving each other and breaking things trying to get as much of the chocolate hazelnut spread as possible. In some cases police had to help dissipate the crowds.

A yacht seized with over 800 kilograms of cocaine on board was auctioned off with some of the drugs still inside. When the new owner cleaned out his recent purchase, he found another kilo of cocaine still on board. He promptly turned it over to authorities.

  • “Emotional Support Peacock” Not Allowed On Flight

A woman who tried to board a United Airlines flight with her “emotional support peacock” was denied by airline officials. The airline said the bird did not meet size and weight requirements for service animals. They had actually told her this 3 times before she arrived at the airport.



Parents Trying To Cure Autism With Bleach

There is a religious group found in both California and spreading recently into the UK that encourages using bleach to “cure” children of autism. The group believe that the disorder is caused by pathogens that will be killed by the HIGHLY TOXIC CHEMICAL.


Smoke and Mirrors

“Smoke and Mirrors is a podcast that dives deep into the world of the paranormal, the unusual, and the unexplained to separate the facts from the fiction.”

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ODO 81: Landscaping Woes, Meatless Balls, and Other “Podcasts We Listen To”

After being kept up extra late with a couple sick boys, I’m getting sick myself, but “the show must go on!” After my sick boys chat, things turn toward my recent HOA “violation” and my twisted history with those. Oddly it all ends up back on landscaping for some reason. The news brings tales of mistaken identity, death threats, and a national emergency. In my sick brain I completely forgot to do the Jackass of the Week, but that’s fine because I went extra long talking about this week’s “Recommended Listening” feature, “Podcasts We Listen To.”

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A man in England suffers from a rare condition that causes him to hear a version of England’s National Anthem on a continuous loop. It’s said to be a result of hearing loss.

A German man reported what was believed to be an unexploded WWII bomb in his garden. When authorities arrived it was good to be a zucchini. Although they agreed it did look like a bomb.

  • Chef Gets Death Threats Over Vegan Meatballs

A chef began receiving death threats after entering vegan meatballs into a meatball competition.
Conflict between dairy farmers and retailers has created a price war in the largest butter consuming nation that has lead to a retail shortage of butter. As retailers refuse to pay higher prices, dairy producers are taking their products across the border where they can sell .


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