ODO 75: Cereals, Stoners, and Surprise Mother Effers

I’ll admit it. I love cereal. I especially love those sugar cereals from my childhood. So when General Mills announced that they are going to give us back the original recipe Trix. I got really excited. How excited? Excited enough to devote an entire segment to breakfast cereal. This week’s news brings a recall from Death Wish Coffee, a lawsuit from an armed robbery suspect, and a tie for J.A.W. with a couple a people too inebriated to function. As promised last week, this week’s Recommended Listening  feature goes to my fellow Surprise Mofo, Mike Jolitz.

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When consumers complained about artificial colors and flavors in food, the cereal companies responded by replacing all artificial colors and flavorings with natural options. In the case of Trix, the new, natural, recipe resulted in muted colors and bland unpleasant flavors. Now, consumer backlash against the natural Trix has lead General Mills to return to the original recipe.  They have said that they will still sell the natural version for those that prefer it.

After lab test showed the possibility of botulism developing in their cold brew coffee cans, Death Wish Coffee decided to recall all of their cold brew cans as a precaution. Nobody was reported sick from the coffee.

Equifax sent a tweet about how to sign up for their TrustedID service. Instead, the tweet rewrote equifaxsecurity2017 as securityequifax2017, a site tagged for phishing.
FEMA sent a tweet intended to provide people with information on assistance for dealing with damaged roofs. Instead it went to a phone sex hotline. The number was supposed to be a “1-888” number, not a “1-800” number.

A guy goes into a Starbucks with a mask and tries to rob the place. A customer tries to stop him and they scuffle. The customer gets stabbed but then takes the knife and stabs the would be robber multiple times. Now the robber may sue the customer for his injuries.


A couple of hikers had to call for a rescue after they decided to smoke some weed at the peak of their trip and found themselves too stoned to hike back down.
A New Zealand Woman, convicted of drunk driving and public endangerment, showed up so drunk to her sentencing hearing that the judge was unable to complete the hearing at that time. Court staff claimed she was so drunk they would have to carry her into the courtroom. Eventually she received jail time, a suspended license, her car was impounded, and she will have 3 years with a no-alcohol license. 



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