ODO 138

Catching Up Around The House: ODO 138

It has been a hectic couple of weeks around the “Odd” house. Between getting sick (again) and crazy weather, I have gotten behind on some housework. Of course, the boys aren’t about to stop adding more to that list of headaches. On top of that, I’ve got a full load of “BS From the News” ranging from fake kidnappings to questionable drug testing.


ODO 24: Drinking with Family

Drinking with Family

It’s a fun night with family. This week I am joined by my wife ReAnna, oldest sister MG (Raevyn Lunatic), her husband Derek (Rev. Knuckleface), and her son Glenn (Fabulous the 2nd.) For the occasion we cracked open a bottle of  “God’s Pillow” from the “Clockwork Chemists”, and  Angry Orchard “Iceman.”
By the nature of our family, we just start talking about whatever comes to mind. Just because we have so much fun hanging out we went on for-ev-er… Topics ranged from our grandparents deaths to “Alf” to “Game of Thrones.” Believe it or not the alcohol has nothing to do with our behavior. We are just like this when we get together. Enjoy!!

Clockwork Chemists

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