ODO Ep 16: WTF Superbowl

WTF Superbowl 50

I think this is going to go down as the Superbowl of WTF.
Ok, it’s established that I don’t “like” sports especially, but that doesn’t stop me from watching “The Big Game” on principle. After all you don’t have to care about the teams to appreciate the event. There is always plenty to enjoy and ridicule besides the football game anyway. (Incidentally I had to actually do research for some of this info.)


 There’s always controversy over the Superbowl.

With all of the betting involved it creates controversy by itself.

-Game fixed- Every year they claim that the game is fixed ahead of time. It is usually a very one sided game regardless of the caliber of the competing teams. Often the favorite to win, or the logical choice gets obliterated.
I don’t care if it’s fixed, but IF it is, I think the Vegas odds makers do the fixing. I figure more money was put on the Panthers to win, so they throw the game so the money men don’t lose everything. Somewhere along the way the team is given a slice. I personally don’t believe that or care either way.
It does look like Cam Newton wasn’t completely trying to win though. He did walk away from the ball during that particular play. Even Whataburger burned him in a tweet just after the game.

Cam Newton could probably use a Whataburger right now
But he might turn away from it…

— Whataburger® (@Whataburger) February 8, 2016

-Peyton Drinking Budweiser
There was probably a good amount of betting going on about whether or not Peyton Manning would retire after this season. Some are saying he said yes without actually saying yes.
Twice in post game interviews Peyton Manning says he’s going to drink a lot of Budweiser and think about whether or not to retire. NFL rules forbid any active player from endorsing any alcoholic product. Conspiracy theorists say this is Peyton secretly telling the world he is retiring, and endorsing Budweiser, since he can’t do that as an active player.

-National Anthem- The strangest bet of them all
Overall it is agreed that Lady Gaga blew everyone away with her national anthem this year. Never mind how she was dressed, that is a subject all on it’s own. She showed that she is honestly an amazing singer.
The controversy again stems from the betting. People actually bet on how long the anthem will go for. Last year some places delayed paying out on bets because it looked like Idina Menzel was shooting for a particular time.
This year the problem comes in the form of when to stop the clock. At the end of the song, Lady Gaga says “brave” twice. The people with bets thus argued over if the time stopped when she started the first brave, ended it, or ended the second one. The official time given for the paying of bets was 2:09.

And Now.. Commercials

To some people the Superbowl Commercials are more important than the game.

-Products- Not everything, just the ones I thought were funny