ODO 167: “All Together” Kids are Gonna Kill You

Ever have one of those days where you’re sure there was something you needed to do, but then you forget? That’s me today. I know I had a topic planned for this week, but damnit if I didn’t forget what it was. That there is the colander that is my brain. So we get to go on this mystery trip on my train of though together. But I do have some updates from last week’s show, and a news segment packed with poor decisions. Finally, in Recommended Listening, in honor of Halloween, I’m giving you reason to worry about the kids coming to your door with “Murderous Minors: Killer Kids.”


ODO 45: Texas Pride w/ ReAnna

Texas Pride w/ ReAnna

This week I’m joined by my wife ReAnna from “Mom and Dad Cuss” because she just had to talk crap about the Dallas Cowboys loss this weekend. We then get into the exciting news that Bluebell Ice Cream is returning to Arizona just in time for our anniversary. She helps out with “BS From the News,” and nags at me while I talk about the “Epic Film Guys” in Recommended Listening.


Bullshit From the News

German Lawmaker: Paid Sex For Patients Could Be Subsidized 

Boots leaving swastika-shaped prints are recalled



Man buys 100’s of news papers to hide DUI arrest


Recommended Listening

Epic Film Guys

In simplest terms, if you like comedy and you like movies, the “Epic Film Guys” podcast is the only movie podcast you need to listen to. Nick and Justin (and Justin’s assorted multiple personalities) talk craft beer and movies and don’t act stuck up about it. They’re funny, informed, and easy to get hooked on. Check them out, you wont regret it.


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