ODO 38: Nerd Scented Candle


Nerd Scented Candle

 This week I changed things up and covered a wide range of news stories including: Janet Jackson’s pregnancy, McDonald’s response to the creepy clowns, a scented candle only nerds can appreciate, and a 911 operator that just didn’t want to do her job.

Janet Jackson Pregnant at 50

 Janet Jackson announced via Twitter and a People Magazine article that she is pregnant with her first child at the age of 50. I wish all the best to Janet and her family, but 50 is very late to be starting off in the child game. Not only does it put her at a severe age disadvantage as a parent, but it is also much riskier for pregnancy. I realize she probably has access to some of the best doctors in the world, but they cannot keep the natural difficulties of pregnancy at 50 from taking their toll.
“We thank God for our blessing” – @JanetJackson

Full article: https://t.co/VHfG8awemp pic.twitter.com/nPVmGVkf7r

— ithl123 (@ithl123) October 12, 2016


McDonald’s Suspends Ronald McDonald in wake of Creepy Clown Epidemic

Due to the idiotic creepy clown epidemic going around the world, McDonald’s has decided to “suspend” all Ronald McDonald activity until the craze calms down. This is a catastrophe. Of all the clowns in the world to take the hit, why does it have to be the one that brings cheeseburgers? 


As if scented candles weren’t annoying enough, somebody made a candle that smells like a freshly opened Apple Mac computer. This is by far the nerdiest thing I’ve ever seen, and I’m actually in the “nerd spectrum.” Neverminding the nerd element of it, how do you know the difference between the smell of a Mac and maybe a Dell?


A 911 operator in Houston, TX has been arrested after an investigation showed she hung up on thousands of callers. An internal audit showed the operator had an extremely high rate of short calls under 20 seconds and investigated. They discovered not only was she hanging up on legitimate emergency calls, but at least one hangup possibly resulted in a man’s death. I cannot believe anybody would get into that line of work if you would even consider hanging up on someone. I hope that nobody else was hurt by her negligence, but if they were, I hope she spends a very long time in jail.
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ODO 37: The Price of Fame

The Price of Fame

 Back in old form, this week is just a good old fashioned stream of consciousness type discussion about  fame and how the media covers BS stories simply for ratings. Of course that opens up a whole big can of worms running from the Kardashians to Donald Trump. Throw in some surprising words of wisdom courtesy of a recent Nerdist interview with Sarah Jessica Parker, and we’ve got a nice train of thought. Believe it or not, I even manage to tie it all in with the creepy clown epidemic, because I can just pull that off.

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