ODO 54: Tales of Pest Control

It’s now officially springtime. That being said, it’s time to start treating the house for those warm weather bugs. I’ve committed to doing my own pest control, and even bought a
new sprayer for the job. Of course, now I’m sick from the pesticides, and it’s not the first time it’s happened.
In the news, I’ve got cell phone face masks and more than a couple stories about being under the influence. Speaking of under the influence, this week’s featured podcast is “Ice and the Face.”


Hushme is a bizarre high-tech mask that blocks the sound of the wearer’s voice so that people nearby can’t hear what is being said. Hushme also features external speakers that play a variety of sounds when you speak.


In Brielen, a small Belgian village of only 700 inhabitants, it was customary for church goers to meet up for a beer after every Sunday mass. That became a problem after the last bar in the village closed down, but the local priest was more than happy to keep the tradition going by turning the church into a bar after Sunday mass.

A reinterpreted article in Colombia’s Labor Code was recently approved by the country’s Constitutional Court, thus allowing people to show up for work drunk or under the influence of narcotics as long as their productivity is not affected.

Goodwill workers in Monroe, Washington opened a donated cooler and found five bags of weed inside. (That’s 60 times the amount that’s legal to possess in Washington.)




“Ice and The Face is Rick and Sarah, respectively. It is a nsfw dystopian comedy podcast released once a week for your ear-holes to soak up and expel accordingly. We dive deep into the ridiculous shit happening in the world today and laugh heartily at all of its absurdity as it burns to the ground. We subscribe to our one rule, hilarity over feelings!”