Long Hard Road Out of Texas: ODO 29

Long Hard Road Out of Texas

     This week I give an update on what’s been going on with me for the past few weeks and share the harrowing tale of my recent family trek back across Texas. In BS From the News, I’ve got a story about some police trying to return somebody’s bag and a very “personal” dress.

What’s been going on with the Odd Dad Out

     For those who don’t already know, I have minor scoliosis. Not the steel rod in my back kind, but the kind that can give me a decent amount of back pain. While editing the last episode, I actually threw my back out and was left out of work for most of a week. After a trip to The Joint, I was able to get back to work.
     Shortly after the back incident, over the Independance Day weekend, we made the long trip back to Texas to pick up a car. On the way out to San Antonio, the a/c went out on my van. Although this was uncomfortable, we could just put the kids in the newer car, no problem. Unfortunately, about an hour into our return trip, the car began to overheat. barely making it halfway to our first stop, we stopped overnight and began anew on July 4th. After attempted fixes, and hours of driving slowly in 100+ degree heat, we eventually left the car with my wife’s friend and went home. We were on the road from 10am monday to just before 7 am tuesday, just in time for my wife to turn around to leave for work. Longest weekend ever.

Bullshit From the News

Police in Aspen, CO are trying to locate the owner of a bag of cocaine that was left on the self checkout scanner of a local grocery store.

Woman’s Pubic Hair Dress Takes Fashion World By The Short Hairs

  UK designer Sarah Louise Bryan, in an effort to come up with the most disgusting dress design she could, recently unveiled a bra and skirt covered in human pubic hair.

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