ODO 144

Allergies, Keyboard Cats, and Other Unbelievably Stupid Things: ODO 144

Back in true form. I’m all over the place this week. I go from allergy meds to my cat coffee-ing my keyboard. The news brings a lot of porn, a big waste of money, and the worst penis enlargement idea ever. And in Recommended Listening it’s the now 5 time featured John Bukenas and his “Unbelievably Stupid Podcast.”

ODO 138

Catching Up Around The House: ODO 138

It has been a hectic couple of weeks around the “Odd” house. Between getting sick (again) and crazy weather, I have gotten behind on some housework. Of course, the boys aren’t about to stop adding more to that list of headaches. On top of that, I’ve got a full load of “BS From the News” ranging from fake kidnappings to questionable drug testing.


ODO 84: Cracked Ribs, “Fake” News, and Southern Spookiness

I’m back, and not dead! I’ve got the whole long WTF story of my illness and injury that led to my hiatus. This week it’s all about the “fake” news. I’ve got fake snow, fake cats, and even fake parents. This week’s “Jackass of the Week” goes to a woman with a bedbug problem. Finally, in “Recommended Listening” I’ve got one of my new creepy favorites, Southern Grimoire.

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Since I’m no good at making a long story short, here’s what happened to me. What started as a flu that the whole house had, turned into a sinus infection. After a wave of antibiotics and prednisone, the infection was gone but the cough had gotten worse. A stabbing side pain led to a trip to urgent care and the discovery of a cracked rib. A new prescription for codine cough syrup hoped to relieve the cough and help the rib heal. It didn’t help. Back to the Dr. with a new rib fracture. This time came with a new wave of cough treatments including tessalon perles to help the cough, symbicort to open up the lungs, and Aleve for the pain. Now, after over a month, it finally looks like things are getting under control.


An audience member at a recent performance of the musical “Cats” lost control of his service dog which then ran up on stage and chased one of the “cats” off the stage. Ushers did manage to catch the dog and return it to the owner.

Six Flags Over Georgia had to cancel a planned snowball fight using manufactured fake snow when an actual snowstorm covered the Atlanta area and forced them to close the park.
A growing trend in China is the hiring of fake parents for occasions where you don’t want your real parents to be there. Many people will hire rent-a-parents for school functions or if a new partner wants to meet their parents but they don’t want them to meet their “real” parents yet.


Woman Burns Home Down Trying To Kill Bedbugs

A woman in Cincinnati, Ohio accidentally started a fire which burned down her apartment building while trying to kill bedbugs with rubbing alcohol. 


Southern Grimoire


“A collection of unsolved crimes, mysteries, legends, and lore.”


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