ODO 232

Kicking Butts and Smoking Chickens: ODO 232

It’s been a busy couple weeks and you know I’ve gotta tell you about it. First off, the boys had a taekwondo tournament a few weeks ago. And, despite not coming home with nearly as many medals as some other recent tournaments, we were more proud of them all than probably any other tournament day before strictly becasue of their great attitudes.

Then, watch out, a new “man hobby” has entered the field in the form of smoking meats. We have purchased a smoker, and I got to cook up my very first batch of smoked chicken this last weekend. A lot of lessons were learned, but the food was nevertheless amazing.


BBQ, Opium, and Neflix ‘N Swill: ODO 63

Going a little old school and cutting back on all the more mainstream news. I’m chatting about my non- Memorial Day weekend BBQ. This week’s weird news comes with suggestions from my wife, including a job as a cat cuddler. In Recommended Listening I’ve got a self-admitted knockoff of a past featured show, “Netflix N Swill.”



Man Admits To Growing $500M In Poppies For Opium, Without Being Asked



Netflix ‘N Swill

“Netflix and Swill is a podcast where @danofaction and @C_leb2021 drink the worst alcohol and pontificate about the things streaming on Netflix.”


Lilly “Arkaena”

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