ODO 92: Football, Fish Tanks, and Karen & Ellen

I’m running a little behind this week, oddly enough on account of the SuperBowl. Between yard work, house work, work work, a Super Bowl party, and kids dr appointments, I didn’t have a lot of time for podcasting. On top of that we’re testing out a change in my diet of the lactose-free variety. I skip the news on account of extended story time save for the Jackass Of The Week. Finally, I get a little help from Chris from the “More Gooder Than” podcast with this week’s featured show: The Karen & Ellen Letters.

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High School Senior Arrested Over Animal Abuse Video

An idiotic high school senior is now facing felony animal abuse charges after a video was posted showing him throwing a crying kitten into a body of water.


Karen and Ellen Letters


“The Karen & Ellen Letters is a true tale of two girls, their found correspondence, and a journey deep into cognitive dissonance. The podcast chronicles host Josh Hallmark’s twelve year obsession with finding out the truth behind a stack of bizarre letters he received for his 24th birthday. It is equal parts comedy and mystery.”

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