ODO 97: A Story For Every Story

ODO 97: A Story For Every Story

It’s been a fun week around the Odd house. I’ve decided I want to start writing more for the blog. I’m trying to do more with the Facebook group. We took the family to the food truck festival. I got to be a part of the Sunshine Summit 2018 and hang out in the live streams. And it seems that I have some sort of personal story for every news story this week, except for one.


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Scientists in Israel claim to have created a solution of nano-particles that can repair damaged corneas and correct both near and far sightedness. The treatment would include corneal mapping done via smartphone.
  • Homeless Camp Found On Top Of Amtrak Station
Authorities found what appears to be a homeless person’s camp built into a cement structure on the top of a California Amtrak station. Officers found a tent and other amenities in the structure.
An Arizona woman was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) after causing a three car accident while on the way to her wedding. She was released later the same day.


Former ‘Officer of the Year’ Arrested For Drugs and Child Neglect

A Florida sheriff’s deputy and his girlfriend were arrested after neighbors reported screaming and gunshots at his home. When officers arrived, they found cocaine, marijuana, spent shell casings on the floor, and bullet holes in the walls. The couple’s 2 year old child was also in the home. Back in 2016, the deputy had been awarded the Florida Sheriffs Association “Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.”

 -Sunshine Summit 2018-

sunshine summit 2018
The Sunshine Summit 2018 is upon us, and it’s been a blast getting to be a part of it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching all the live streams and hearing the stories from all the guests. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve been mentioned by nearly everyone. My experience with the summit has opened up new opportunities for me guesting on other shows, as well as opening me up to new ideas for this show in the future.


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