ODO 43: Adios 2016

Adios 2016

So Long 2016! This week I’m looking back on “The Year of No Survivors” and running through some of the MANY celebrities lost this year. Of course I’ll make fun of some weird news stories, and in “Recommended Listening” I’m featuring my old pal the NewMan. Then I take a look back at this show and how things have changed over the last year and what I’d like to do in 2017.


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ODO Ep 11: The Road Ahead

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

For the first show of the new year, I am giving a quick recap of where we’ve been on this crazy little podcast, and where I want to go with things in the new year.
  • Found Spreaker App for Android, allowed live streaming and recording of a podcast from my phone.
  • July 22, 2015- Spur of the moment broadcast first Odd Dad Out Podcast live from my car while driving home from work. (My apologies to anyone who’s listened to it.) I had no clue what I was doing, and used a Skyrim ringtone and canned audience for the intro. That actually stuck for a few shows.
  • August 6- Episode 3: “Rowdy” show, recorded the night before son #4 was born. First time actually using notes for a show. Took 3 tries to record and left me completely exhausted the next morning when it was time to have the baby.
  • Episode 4: First and so far only show with a co-host. Recorded show with my wife and realized how much I need better recording equipment if I’m gonna have anybody else on the show.
  • Hiatus- After Episode 5,  which was my strongest show up to that point, maybe still, the combination of new baby, work, 3 other boys, and plain old writer’s block resulted in an unintended 2 month break from recording.
  • November- Show resumes with the appropriately titled “I’m Still Here.” I’ve got a new resolve to not Pod-fade and promise to get on a regular release schedule.
  • Enter Flu Season- Plagues of sickness overtake our house in a seemingly endless chain of rotating illness lasting for weeks and derailing the regular recording schedule.


I’ve now got a mixer, 2 desk mics, 2 headsets, more recording software (and know kinda how to use it,) and a solid intro format for the show going forward. This gives me both a static studio to record and a mobile setup for recording elsewhere.
Odd Dad Out Studio

-Going Forward-

  • Format changes- Gonna start actually planning out the shows somewhat and creating better show notes (like these.)
  • Upgrades-
    • Aiming to get the official OddDadOutPodcast.com up and running soon.
    • Want to upgrade my media hosting and website to have more space for shows and a better web presence.
    • I’m gonna try to be more active on social media.
  • Guest co-hosts- I want to start having guest co-hosts join me from time to time. I don’t do interviews, but having somebody else to talk to would definitely be an improvement.

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