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It’s almost Christmas. Why not add a little holiday cheer to the show. Gareth’s Random Ramblings is doing their annual Christmas series, and we even got into the spirit this weekend decorating gingerbread houses. Of course I’ve still got a “Jackass of the Week” that throws all that holiday spirit out the window.

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This year my wife decided that we should try to do some more traditional things for the holidays.
As such, my wife decided that we were going to decorate gingerbread houses and sugar cookies. I’m not necessarily against decorating cookies. But I do have a thing about gingerbread houses.
I just don’t understand the point of decorating food that you really have no intention of eating. Decorating fresh gingerbread cookies or fresh baked sugar cookies I’m ok with, but to spend all that time to decorate a bunch of stale semi-gingerbread sheets glued into house form just to sit on a shelf and get thrown away… I’m not a fan.
I want to eat my cookies not look at them.

-Recommended Listening-

Gareth’s Random Ramblings

A weekly podcast in which we, Gareth and Bex, discuss everything. And we mean everything. We have discussed topics as far and wide as celebrity news, and celebrity deaths; our wedding, and our miscarriages; from our new cars to our old friends, all while cracking jokes and basically trying to have fun in each others company.

In honor of the 12 Days of Christmas, Gareth and Bex have been doing their annual “12 Days of Podcasts” where they keep things family friendly. They play holiday trivia and games and each night they end the show with one of them singing a Christmas song.

-Jackass Of The Week-

Rather than having a single weird news story this week. Instead, the Jackass of the Week is going to the creators of Fortnite for ripping off dances from people. They are currently being sued by the “backpack kid” who popularized the dance known as “the Floss,” Alfonso Ribeiro over “the Carlton,” and rapper 2 Milly.  They also got heat from Donald Faison over the use of his Turk dance from “Scrubs.” Of course technically none of these people own a copyright to these dances, if you even can, but they are all dances that are synonymous with those people. It’s not really about the fact that they didn’t have permission to use the dances. To me at least, it’s the fact that they didn’t even ask some of them. And they didn’t tell them that those dances would be sold in the game. 


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