ODO 19: Family Television

Family Television

This week I think back on my childhood TV habits and talk about some of the shows I used to watch. Then I look at some of the shows that we share with our children now. From watching “Rugrats” to singing along with “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” our boys seem to have a pretty well rounded television exposure.

ODO 18: Automobile Rage

Automobile Rage

I’m back after a week off to deal with a severe case of “fucking tired” combined with a hint of “don’t know what to talk about” to bring you this week’s rant about cars. Specifically I’m talking about the stupidity of the “tuner” culture and the compulsion to “supe up” your car. No history lesson this week, just a plain old school Odd Dad Out bitching. Enjoy… or don’t, I’m not the boss of you…

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ODO Ep 17: “Wine of the Bean”


Episode 17: “Wine of the Bean”

What do 90% of nerds have in common? COFFEE!! True nerds love coffee and research. As I am a nerd, what could be more fitting than researching coffee? This week we learn a bit about coffee and make fun of the strange history and haters of the “Wine of the Bean.”


Fun Coffee Facts / History

  • Coffee beans are actually the pit of a berry.
  • Legend has it that coffee was discovered by Ethiopian goat herders in the 9th century who found that their goats would “dance” after eating the berries.
  • Coffee comes from an Arabic phrase that means “wine of the bean”
  • Caffeine, and by extension coffee, is psychoactive stimulant and in extremely high doses can cause hallucinations and death.
  • But it would take drinking 100 standard cups of coffee in one sitting to actually die. 
  • 1.4 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day
  • Most expensive Starbucks coffee is a 16 shot espresso which will set you back about $24.
  • Most expensive coffee in the world comes from the feces of a Sumatran wild cat. While digesting the berries, the pits are fermented. The collected beans cost as much as $600 per lb.
  • Claiming to be the strongest coffee in the world, Death Wish Coffee boasts 660 mg of caffeine per 12 oz cup.
    • By comparison a standard cup of coffee contains from 100-150 mg of caffeine
    • A single shot espresso  is between 80-120mg
    • Tea 40 mg
    • Average chocolate bar has between 20-60 mg caffeine
    • Standard 12 oz cola has from 40-60 mg

(For reference the lethal amount is approximately 10,000 mg for the average adult) 

Coffee’s Bad Rap

  • For years coffee has been blamed for everything from hypertension and heart disease to birth defects and cancer.
  • Coffee houses were actually banned in England in the late 1600’s because the king thought that’s where people were plotting against him.
  • Italian priests in the 16th century labeled coffee as satanic until Pope Clement VIII declared it delicious and had it baptised. (Hence all the Italian coffee houses)

Fortunately for all of us coffee lovers, they were all wrong…

  • Modern research has found no concrete proof that drinking coffee has any long term negative effects and has actually disproven almost all previous accusations.
  • Long term moderate (2-4 cups a day) coffee consumption has been shown to reduce the risk of:
    • Some forms of Cancer
    • Cirrhosis of the liver
    • Asthma attacks
    • Parkinson’s Disease
    • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Regular heavy coffee consumption has actually been shown to reduce blood pressure and help strengthen the heart.
  • Coffee actually contains 4X the cancer fighting antioxidants as a cup of  green tea.

Now that you know it’s not going to kill you, drink up, and make it a double.

ODO Ep 16: WTF Superbowl

WTF Superbowl 50

I think this is going to go down as the Superbowl of WTF.
Ok, it’s established that I don’t “like” sports especially, but that doesn’t stop me from watching “The Big Game” on principle. After all you don’t have to care about the teams to appreciate the event. There is always plenty to enjoy and ridicule besides the football game anyway. (Incidentally I had to actually do research for some of this info.)


 There’s always controversy over the Superbowl.

With all of the betting involved it creates controversy by itself.

-Game fixed- Every year they claim that the game is fixed ahead of time. It is usually a very one sided game regardless of the caliber of the competing teams. Often the favorite to win, or the logical choice gets obliterated.
I don’t care if it’s fixed, but IF it is, I think the Vegas odds makers do the fixing. I figure more money was put on the Panthers to win, so they throw the game so the money men don’t lose everything. Somewhere along the way the team is given a slice. I personally don’t believe that or care either way.
It does look like Cam Newton wasn’t completely trying to win though. He did walk away from the ball during that particular play. Even Whataburger burned him in a tweet just after the game.

Cam Newton could probably use a Whataburger right now
But he might turn away from it…

— Whataburger® (@Whataburger) February 8, 2016

-Peyton Drinking Budweiser
There was probably a good amount of betting going on about whether or not Peyton Manning would retire after this season. Some are saying he said yes without actually saying yes.
Twice in post game interviews Peyton Manning says he’s going to drink a lot of Budweiser and think about whether or not to retire. NFL rules forbid any active player from endorsing any alcoholic product. Conspiracy theorists say this is Peyton secretly telling the world he is retiring, and endorsing Budweiser, since he can’t do that as an active player.

-National Anthem- The strangest bet of them all
Overall it is agreed that Lady Gaga blew everyone away with her national anthem this year. Never mind how she was dressed, that is a subject all on it’s own. She showed that she is honestly an amazing singer.
The controversy again stems from the betting. People actually bet on how long the anthem will go for. Last year some places delayed paying out on bets because it looked like Idina Menzel was shooting for a particular time.
This year the problem comes in the form of when to stop the clock. At the end of the song, Lady Gaga says “brave” twice. The people with bets thus argued over if the time stopped when she started the first brave, ended it, or ended the second one. The official time given for the paying of bets was 2:09.

And Now.. Commercials

To some people the Superbowl Commercials are more important than the game.

-Products- Not everything, just the ones I thought were funny

Episode 15: Love What You Do

This week I’m solo again. For the most part I just get on a revolving door of what I do all this for. I really do love making this show and appreciate everybody who listens. I don’t care if I get famous or popular, just knowing that anyone out there willingly invites my thoughts into their sound space is rewarding enough. Also don’t be an asshole…

Episode 14: Playing for Keeps

ODO Episode 14: Playing for Keeps

For an unprecedented 2nd week in a row, I am joined by my wife ReAnna. This time around I hand her control of the show and let her decide where we go with it. Being from Texas she immediately went to the NFL playoffs and the games leading into the Super Bowl. After a lesson in football film, we find ourselves in the controversy over the Oscars and “racist” high school girls.

ReAnna’s Football Movie Guide:

Oscar’s Boycott

AZ girls post “racist” photo

Six suburban Phoenix high school girls thought it would be funny to post a photo on social media spelling out “NI**ER” with their shirts from a recent school picture.
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ODO Ep 13: Big Dead Elephant


ODO Episode 13: Big Dead Elephant


Once again, my wife ReAnna joins me on the show. For as much as she complains about the time I spend on this, she does have a good time when she’s on. Tonight she joins me for an extra long episode to talk about a bit of the news of the week, and some of our personal happenings.

“The 69 Club”


In the last few weeks 3 highly influential English celebrities have died of cancer at the age of 69

  • Lemmy Kilmister: Dec 28, 2015- Singer/ Bassist for metal band Motorhead.  Died 4 days after his 70th birthday from brain cancer diagnosed only 2 days before his death. Due to an online petition, the Jack Daniels and Coke has been officially named the “Lemmy.”
  • David Bowie: Jan 10, 2016- Singer (Ziggy Stardust), songwriter, record producer, actor, painter. Died from liver cancer 2 days after his 69th birthday. His final album “Blackstar” debuted as his first #1 album in the US.
  • Alan Rickman: Jan 14, 2016: Film and stage actor and director. Died from pancreatic cancer discovered after a minor stroke. Many have used Twitter to pay homage to Rickman by “raising their wands” in reference to a scene in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince when Hogwarts students point their wands to the sky to honor the recently-deceased Dumbledore.

Home Life


  • We are one of those families that treat their pets like any other member of the family. We go into depth about each of our pets’ personalities and their place in the family.
    • Emmit: Dalmatian/ Lab, grumpy old guard dog

    • Fluffy: doesn’t know she’s a cat, we’re convinced she used to be a nurse

    • Cheyenne: ReAnna’s boxer- spoiled little princess, lost to cancer in November

    • Toby: ReAnna’s cat- Got lost over the weekend and caused housewide freakout

  • ReAnna is excited for season 2 of Dinotrux on Netflix. She even started shopping for clothes.

  • We aren’t very friendly. We don’t talk to people much, and we really only go out on Halloween

  • ReAnna thinks the guy next door is creepy for sitting in his garage “people watching” all day.


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ODO Ep 12: What’s My Age Again?

Tonight I planned to talk about harvesting oranges, the craziness of the weather this winter, and the full blown force of El Niño. Fortunately I did NOT spend 30 minutes talking about the weather and got sidetracked into complaining about HOA’s. I also realize that I am terrible at perceiving the basic passage of time, or my age, or whatever age I’m supposed to be.
• It’s winter time. That means harvesting season for the citrus in Arizona. I’ve been slowly working on picking all the oranges from my tree. I’ve gotten about 150 lbs down already and probably have another 200 to go. In the mean time winter has officially reared it’s head and there are blizzards in some parts of the country. Northern Arizona has actually gotten 30 inches of SNOW in the last week. Some towns are nearly inaccessible because of the ice and snow on the mountain roads. Of course down here in Phoenix that just means it’s been raining for 4 days straight with 40 degree temps. I realize that is warm for a lot of places, but for us here it’s damn cold.
•Because I can’t complete a thought, HOA’s suck. Pain in the ass organizations that make something as basic as checking your mail or mowing your lawn difficult. I don’t need somebody telling me how my house should look. Going along with HOA’s are the “snowbirds” that run them, all the old people who basically fly south for the winter because they live in cold places. I dunno, I’m not a fan of humans migrating seasonally. They may try to act nice, but they are the most nit-picky old bastards who will ever live next to you for 3 months a year.
•Time is a funny thing. Time and age are relative. I have to remind myself from time to time that I am actually an adult with a wife and 4 children. Then I have to remember that I’m 31 and that is actually perfectly acceptable. I think about my age in relation to other things like my children or my younger siblings and then I really feel old. Then I remember how old my big sisters are and it’s not so bad. I think about my dad (65) in relation to my youngest brother (18) and think he’s old. Then I’ll remember that my oldest sister is 37 and it’s suddenly not so bad. Again time and age are all in how you perceive them.

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ODO Ep 11: The Road Ahead

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

For the first show of the new year, I am giving a quick recap of where we’ve been on this crazy little podcast, and where I want to go with things in the new year.
  • Found Spreaker App for Android, allowed live streaming and recording of a podcast from my phone.
  • July 22, 2015- Spur of the moment broadcast first Odd Dad Out Podcast live from my car while driving home from work. (My apologies to anyone who’s listened to it.) I had no clue what I was doing, and used a Skyrim ringtone and canned audience for the intro. That actually stuck for a few shows.
  • August 6- Episode 3: “Rowdy” show, recorded the night before son #4 was born. First time actually using notes for a show. Took 3 tries to record and left me completely exhausted the next morning when it was time to have the baby.
  • Episode 4: First and so far only show with a co-host. Recorded show with my wife and realized how much I need better recording equipment if I’m gonna have anybody else on the show.
  • Hiatus- After Episode 5,  which was my strongest show up to that point, maybe still, the combination of new baby, work, 3 other boys, and plain old writer’s block resulted in an unintended 2 month break from recording.
  • November- Show resumes with the appropriately titled “I’m Still Here.” I’ve got a new resolve to not Pod-fade and promise to get on a regular release schedule.
  • Enter Flu Season- Plagues of sickness overtake our house in a seemingly endless chain of rotating illness lasting for weeks and derailing the regular recording schedule.


I’ve now got a mixer, 2 desk mics, 2 headsets, more recording software (and know kinda how to use it,) and a solid intro format for the show going forward. This gives me both a static studio to record and a mobile setup for recording elsewhere.
Odd Dad Out Studio

-Going Forward-

  • Format changes- Gonna start actually planning out the shows somewhat and creating better show notes (like these.)
  • Upgrades-
    • Aiming to get the official OddDadOutPodcast.com up and running soon.
    • Want to upgrade my media hosting and website to have more space for shows and a better web presence.
    • I’m gonna try to be more active on social media.
  • Guest co-hosts- I want to start having guest co-hosts join me from time to time. I don’t do interviews, but having somebody else to talk to would definitely be an improvement.

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ODO Ep10: Holiday Cheer

Episode 10: Holiday Cheer

  • Show delays: Been sick again but this time I’m pretty sure I got food poisoning. I swear I don’t usually get sick this often. Well maybe just in wintertime…
  • Visit from my little brother: My younger brother came to visit with his wife and daughter from San Antonio, TX this past week. (This also contributed to not doing a show last week.) They stayed with us for a week and my boys couldn’t have been more excited. My sister in-law even managed to get them to clean up the house while I slept off an especially long night at work. Included in the trip was the first holiday celebration with our mother and all 6 of her children in 10 years.
  • Holiday Season: Recorded on Christmas Eve 2015 the topic of the holidays had to come up. I don’t care how you say it, or what you celebrate, it’s that time of year when we are all supposed to get together and be merry and giving. If you are seriously going to be offended because somebody wished you a Merry Christmas, you’re being an asshole. And I don’t know of any asshole holidays this time of year. Whether you celebrate any particular holiday or none at all, there is no reason to be offended by somebody sharing a positive sentiment. No matter what holiday you observe, the over-arching theme is togetherness and love and giving. What reason is there to be offended. Even if it’s not your religion, or your holiday, suck it up and stop being such a dick.

Have a  Happy Winter Solstice based Seasonal Holiday, and a Pleasant Upcoming Calendar Cycle as well.

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