Another ER Trip and An Unfortunate Paranormal Activity: ODO 217

When it rains it pours. Barely 2 days after getting home from the hospital from our last adventure, I had to rush our dog to the emergency vet not once, but twice in two days.
I also offer my less than stellar thoughts on “Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin” on Paramount+.

ODO 217

One Long Trip To The Hospital: ODO 216

No news this week. Just telling the long complicated story of how my son broke his arm this week and the days long process of getting him patched up. From a tumble in taekwondo class, to visiting two separate emergency rooms, to finally needing surgery to get everything put back together, it was a very long couple of days.

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Lost In The Woods: ODO 215

Another week of sounding different, but this time I think it’s from my new allergy meds. And in typical “me” style, I have a really long meandering story about our latest camping trip, getting lost hiking multiple times, and being sick that technically does relate to that first point. Speaking of lost in the woods, my one news story is about a criminal who did just that, and ended up needing a police rescue.

Adam bitmoji sitting by a campfire

odo 214 image

Too Much Talk About Genitals: ODO 214

This week is a weird one. I’m not gonna lie. After some health talk, I get into our recent TV habits, including the new Hulu series “Only Murders In The Building.” I give a brief garden update, and a heads up on our upcoming fall camping trip. Then the news takes an unexpected turn into the world of genital manipulation and I just can’t seem to escape. Not even when I get into how Skrillex’s music can repel mosquitos. Did I mention it got weird? I’m pretty sure I mentioned it got weird…


Singin’ In The Car Voice: ODO 213

I’m sounding a little different this week on account of spending my drive home from work singing my head off to “The Commitments” soundtrack. I expand on a blog post I wrote this week about my difficulty recording the podcast recently. Plus, the return of “BS From The News” featuring a suspicious social media post and a crafty artist. Finally, a big announcement about myself and the next season of “The Rise Of King Asilas.”


Ruminating on Recording

Lately I’ve been having trouble sitting down to record a podcast. In part because of just being too busy or because I’m too tired when I do have the time.

But also I’ve been having trouble finding anything to talk about. Lately I feel like it’s just been tired kind of repetitious ramblings about my garden and and about being busy with life. Although I have liked my random recipe drops, I feel like I haven’t produced any real quality episodes in quite a while. My only goal in the show is to be entertaining in some way. But lately I don’t really feel like I’ve been accomplishing that.

To a certain degree I feel like the time between episodes takes away the energy I have to talk about things. You know how you’re just more passionate about things that recently happened moreso than something that happened weeks ago? That. I’ve got so much distance between recording sessions that things that I really was excited to talk about when they happened, I no longer have the same excitement for. If I remember wanting to talk about them at all.

At the same time I’ve been very disappointed in myself at the quality of the show posts on the website. Along with the multiple segments and the podcast reviews, went the longer, more in-depth posts with links and the full recipes that I talk about. I know it’s connected to my current recording situation where I record in the wee hours of the morning when I have a little time and then rush out the release. I think I’m gonna try to go back in and update some of the skimpy show notes. But, I have no clue what kind of time that’s gonna take.

I’m not really sure what I should do about all of it. On one hand, I love recording the podcast and sharing all of my life with you all. But on the other hand, it’s supposed to be an entertainment medium, and I don’t feel like I’ve been doing a very good job of entertaining lately. Throw in everyone’s best friend, low self-esteem, and I start wondering if I’m even entertaining to anyone to begin with.

Yeeeaaaah I know this has just been one big rambling pity party post. But sometimes the house is loud and I have to empty my brain out without the use of a microphone. Which I have to say takes sooooo much longer to do. Geeze, writing is slow. It’s no wonder I chose podcasting over blogging. Holy crap.