ODO 57: Everyone’s “Taste” is Different

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Since it just popped up, I have to take a minute to talk about the Thor: Ragnorok trailer that popped up yesterday. I take a shot at a London shop selling $20 sticks. I seem to have found a lot of controversial food stories this week. And finally, I take a break from my wife’s selections, and get back to Sanspants Radio for this week’s featured podcast: Shut Up A Second.


Last week I kept mentioning Neil from “Ice and the Face” but his name is Rick. Neil is the host of “Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks.” Great show but not the guy I was talking about. Apologies man.




London Artisan Shop Sells Chopped Tree Branches for Up to $22 Each

Rather happy with my new clothes tree from @inwiththeoldco #lifesabirch


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“Come and sit down with us as we discuss a wide variety of dumb topics. Wanna know the history of cowboys? What about facts about bread? It doesn’t matter, just shut up and listen.”


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