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Ramble Session

I’ve been so busy with podcast editing and working on business stuff that I just did not do much for news research this week. So I decided that I’m going to jump to the new format starting this week. At the same time, I have no clue what to talk about this week. It’s a good old fashioned ramble session. I get into my struggle with not buying new recording equipment, my attempt at a work/work/life balance, sacrificing sleep to get more work done and how I’ve always just run that way. I get interrupted by Sam deciding to change his name for a few minutes, and I get mildly philosophical about my views on calling myself selfless. So much crazy stream of consciousness this week. I get geeky with this week’s Recommended Listening feature, the Sometimes Geek podcast, and declare a bunch of health conscious festival goers the Jackass of the Week.


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Recommended Listening
The Sometimes Geek podcast


sometimes geek

All of the major news from the gaming industry in a short and easy to listen format.

Jackass of The Week


Man Convinced Festival Goers to Buy Hotdog Water For £30

A performance artist set up a shop at a street festival selling bottles of hot dog water and convinced people to pay £30 each. He claimed it would help with weight loss, increase brain function, and improve vitality. The sheer fact that anybody fell for this is just sad. He did it to prove the dangers of misleading health marketing. How can anybody believe that drinking the water left from boiling hotdogs could possibly lead to weight loss? Maybe if you drink the water instead of actually eating the hotdogs. Or maybe it’s because drinking it will probably make you throw up. And it improves brain function by teaching you a lesson you will never forget. Sure why not. Either way, every person that paid £30 for this is an idiotic jackass.


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