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This week I’ve got a quick-ish spot about the recent storm that hammered my neighborhood. In place of a full feature, for Recommended Listening I mention a couple shows I’ve just started listening to that will get a future feature. I’ve got a “Jackass” who’s affair cost him millions. And I ramble on about my recent epiphany that I’m really just not very good with friends.



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-And Now The Weather-



Last Thursday a massive storm hit my area head on resulting in massive amounts of damage and dozens of downed trees in my neighborhood alone. One park alone had at least 10 large mesquite trees completely ripped out of the ground. I was actually forced to leave work in order to deal with windows leaking from the high pressure from the wind and rain. A week later, crews are still cleaning up the damage and downed trees that I can only describe as looking like a small tornado or hurricane hit the area.




-Recommended Listening-
Luke Who’s talking
Luke Whos Talking


Rough Giraffe
Rough Giraffe


-Jackass Of The Week-
Man Has To Pay $8.8 Million For Affair With Another Man’s Wife


A Texas man has been ordered to pay $8.8 million after being sued for “alienation of affection,” or in other words, having an affair with a married woman. After meeting the woman at a BMX stunt bike show put on by her husband, the pair had a lengthy affair which was frequently disguised as business trips or spa vacations paid for by the woman’s husband. North Carolina law allows a person to sue someone for knowingly engaging in an extramarital affair.


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