ODO 116

I’m Bad At Friends: ODO 116

This week I’ve got a quick-ish spot about the recent storm that hammered my neighborhood. In place of a full feature, for Recommended Listening I mention a couple shows I’ve just started listening to that will get a future feature. I’ve got a “Jackass” who’s affair cost him millions. And I ramble on about my recent epiphany that I’m really just not very good with friends.     Download mp3

ODO 115

Brown Skies, Back to School, and Books: ODO 115

Another week, another dust storm. Of course it happened right after I washed my van. It’s the last week of Summer vacation before my boys go back to school and, as usual, the school supply list is utterly ridiculous. But we did seem to find a new tool to try and make our boys behave in the form of Lego Harry Potter. Plus, the launch of “Mole Hole Talk Radio.” The release of The Story Behind book. I’m thinking about starting another podcast with interviews. And the proper return of the “Jackass of the Week” with a man too cheap to pay for a car wash. Download MP3

ODO 114

Summer Vacation and The Return of Sunshine: ODO 114

I’m back from our regular summer vacation, and I think I need another one. We always a good time, but, let’s just put it this way, would you want to spend 20 hours in a van with 4 screaming boys? But now it’s time to get back to work, back to business, and back to talking about myself because that’s what I do here. Well, not just about myself. It’s also time for another Sunshine Summit!   Download mp3

ODO 97: A Story For Every Story

ODO 97: A Story For Every Story

It’s been a fun week around the Odd house. I’ve decided I want to start writing more for the blog. I’m trying to do more with the Facebook group. We took the family to the food truck festival. I got to be a part of the Sunshine Summit 2018 and hang out in the live streams. And it seems that I have some sort of personal story for every news story this week, except for one.   (download mp3)  -WEIRD NEWS- Scientists Create Eye Drops That May Repair Vision Scientists in Israel claim to have created a solution of nano-particles that can repair damaged corneas and correct both near and far sightedness. The treatment would include corneal mapping done via smartphone. Homeless Camp Found On Top Of Amtrak Station Authorities found what appears to be a homeless person’s camp built into a cement structure on the top of a California Amtrak station. Officers found a tent and other amenities in the structure. Woman Arrested For DUI On Way To Her Wedding An Arizona woman was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) after causing a three car accident while on the way to her wedding. She was released later the […]

ODO 96: What Were You Thinking

ODO 96: What Were You Thinking

This week I’m wrapping up my series on the guests for the Sunshine Summit 2018 with Jilanne Holder from the Business Mum Community Facebook Group, Emily Prokop from The Story Behind podcast and E Podcast Productions, Nick Haskins from the Epic Film Guys and RestauRant podcasts, Gareth Thomas from Gareth’s Random Ramblings, and Bandrew Scott from the Bandrew Says podcast and Podcastage Youtube channel. The news brings a whole lot of people that simply beg the question, “What were you thinking?” And I share the harrowing tale that was… digging through my garage.   (download mp3)  -WEIRD NEWS- Selfie Addict Takes Over 200 Selfies A Day A 22 year-old man from the UK has admitted to having an addiction to posting selfies on Instagram. He has had thousands of dollars of cosmetic surgery done, and spends 3 hours daily applying makeup for his hundreds of selfies each day. Day Care Teachers Accused Of Giving Kids Melatonin Laced Gummy Bears 3 teachers from a Chicago area daycare were arrested and accused of giving their students gummy bears laced with melatonin to calm them down before nap time. They claim they didn’t think there was anything wrong with it because it’s a common over the counter […]

ODO 95: Sex, Death, and Even More Sunshine

ODO 95: Sex, Death, and Even More Sunshine

I’m continuing my series featuring the guests of the Sunshine Summit 2018 with Chris from “The Podcasting Couch” and Lindsay and Perry Johnson of  “Hello Life WTF” and “The Pod Stuff.” Somehow the news all came up death and sex. Whether it’s fake death, real death, sexy stuff after death… I don’t make the theme, it just happens that way. Going with that theme I share my feelings about “sexy shower time” and how it’s nothing like it looks in movies.   (download mp3)  -WEIRD NEWS- Drug Suspect On Nearly 40 Day “Poop Strike” May Die A man suspected of eating a large amount of heroin and crack cocaine has gone nearly 40 days (at the time of posting) without defecating. Police have had him under 24 hour observation waiting for him to pass the supposed drugs as evidence. Some doctors have said that the experience may actually kill him if he doesn’t poop soon. Man Pretends To Be Sick To Get A Ride To The Hospital A man in Manchester, England called an ambulance claiming to have reduced sensation in his legs and needing to go to the hospital. When he arrived he admitted that he lied about being […]

ODO 93: Hearts, Hoops, And A Whole Lot Of Stupid

  Happy Valentine’s Day! My wife made me not only buy her a gift, but have it delivered to her at work. She also bought me a gift when I told her not to, so I guess we’re even. We had a great family trip to see the World Championship Hoop Dancing competition in Phoenix this weekend, and everyone had a blast. I took a poll to crown the “Jackass of the Week.” Finally, since I seem to be throwing format out the window this month, I chat about the upcoming Sunshine Summit 2018 being put on by Heather from Sunshine and PowerCuts. (download mp3) For Valentine’s I bought by wife a set of chocolate dipped strawberries from Edible Arrangements https://www.ediblearrangements.com/ We also spent our weekend enjoying the music and dancing at the Heard Museum for the 28th Annual World Championship of Hoop Dancing. A post shared by Adam Higgins (@odddadout) on Feb 11, 2018 at 1:40pm PST A post shared by Adam Higgins (@odddadout) on Feb 11, 2018 at 1:45pm PST  -WEIRD NEWS-  Professor Fired For Not Knowing Australia Is A Country. A college professor was fired after nearly failing a student because the student said that Australia is […]