ODO 125

This Is Halloween: ODO 125

Happy Halloween everyone! This week I simply take a stroll through the headstones and talk about all of the things that get me in the mood for Halloween. From Music and movies to, of course, podcasts. I chat about the Netflix series “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and have the long awaited Recommended Listening feature of “Sirenicide.”   Download mp3

ODO 84: Cracked Ribs, “Fake” News, and Southern Spookiness

I’m back, and not dead! I’ve got the whole long WTF story of my illness and injury that led to my hiatus. This week it’s all about the “fake” news. I’ve got fake snow, fake cats, and even fake parents. This week’s “Jackass of the Week” goes to a woman with a bedbug problem. Finally, in “Recommended Listening” I’ve got one of my new creepy favorites, Southern Grimoire.  (download mp3) Since I’m no good at making a long story short, here’s what happened to me. What started as a flu that the whole house had, turned into a sinus infection. After […]