ODO 83: Family Chaos W/ Raevyn Lunatik and Little Jae Sinclair

(download mp3)   There are no words to describe what happens when my family comes on the podcast other than pure chaos. This week I’m joined by my sister, Raevyn Lunatik, and her daughter, Little Jae Sinclair. These are professional names of course. Raevyn, apart from being my oldest sister, is also a skater for the AZ Derby Dames and a personal trainer. She is here both for fun but also to announce the launch of LunatikFitness.com and her Lunatik Fit Camps. Little Jae Sinclair is a rising star in the Phoenix and Los Angeles burlesque and fetish dance scene. She can be found performing with both traditional burlesque and horror/ fetish style groups throughout the Phoenix and Los Angeles area.   http://lunatikfitness.com/ Raevyn Lunatik: Twitter @LunatikFitness Instagram raevyn.lunatik Facebook @RaevynLunatik Little Jae Sinclair Twitter @ LittleJSinclair Facebook @littlejsinclair Instagram littlejsinclair Get Your Odd Dad Out Gear Before It’s Gone! odddadout.threadless.com

ODO 23: Podcast Infection

Podcast Infection *Update* It looks like the file glitched somewhere in processing and was full of errors. I have since fixed it. My apologies. Thank you to Andrew on Facebook for pointing it out for me to fix.* I’m getting a little “Meta” this week. (Is that how you use that?) This week I’m taking on podcasting as a virus/ addiction. I go from initial infection of the podcasting bug, to infecting others, to growing into the podcaster strain and replicating it and spreading to even more people. Whether you’re just consuming or are creating, there is no escaping it. Once you’ve been infected with the podcast, there’s no going back, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Subscribe and Rate on iTunes Follow me on Twitter @odddadout Support the “Odd Dad Out Podcast” and “Mom and Dad Cuss” at patreon.com/odddadout