ODO 114

Summer Vacation and The Return of Sunshine: ODO 114

I’m back from our regular summer vacation, and I think I need another one. We always a good time, but, let’s just put it this way, would you want to spend 20 hours in a van with 4 screaming boys? But now it’s time to get back to work, back to business, and back to talking about myself because that’s what I do here. Well, not just about myself. It’s also time for another Sunshine Summit!   Download mp3

Long Hard Road Out of Texas: ODO 29

Long Hard Road Out of Texas      This week I give an update on what’s been going on with me for the past few weeks and share the harrowing tale of my recent family trek back across Texas. In BS From the News, I’ve got a story about some police trying to return somebody’s bag and a very “personal” dress. What’s been going on with the Odd Dad Out      For those who don’t already know, I have minor scoliosis. Not the steel rod in my back kind, but the kind that can give me a decent amount of back pain. While editing the last […]

Lessons From the Road: ODO 27/ MDC 10

Lessons From the Road Crossover Show!! This week we are knocking out two birds with one stone. This week I’m sharing Episode 10 of the “Mom and Dad Cuss” podcast which I share with my wife. Since both shows were going to discuss our recent vacation, I figured why record separate shows at all? We are back from our annual vacation to Texas. After executing what we feel has been our most successful vacation to date, we decided to share some of our road stories and tips for surviving the experience. This year we drove the family van the 1100 […]