ODO 132

Bronchitis Sucks: ODO 132

I’ve been sick. That’s about it. Long story short, I had a wicked cough last week that was kicking my ass and I just didn’t have the energy to record. Fast forward to this Tuesday and I wake up with a very familiar pain. My bronchitis had flared up and I could hardly get out of bed. And I get around to the news I promised last week..

ODO 88: Did I Mention I’m Dumb?

The boys are back in school, it’s back to normal around the house, and I just keep doing things that demonstrate that I’m not always that bright. I’ve got a packed news week including frozen animals, hippie water, and things being found in bodies that just shouldn’t be there. With all that variety of twisted stuff, this week’s Recommended Listening feature goes to “Twisted Philly.“  (download mp3)   -WEIRD NEWS-  It’s Too Cold Out For Penguins In Calgary The Calgary Zoo has had to bring their flock of King penguins indoors because the extreme weather conditions may be too cold for the birds. You read that right. It’s too cold in Canada for penguins. Frozen Iguanas Are Dropping Out Of Trees In Florida The recent deep freeze along the east coast of the US has caused many reptiles to “freeze” and become paralyzed. People have reported frozen iguanas falling out of trees seeming to be dead. They’re not. It’s just too cold. The iguanas have a good chance of thawing out if you move them in the sun. Just be careful @CBS12 pic.twitter.com/Qn2w6NFedD — Maxine Bentzel (@MaxineBentzel) January 4, 2018 “Raw Water” Is A Thing, And It’s Dangerous The newest food […]