ODO 89: Jury Duty and A Trip To China

Good news everyone! I’ve got jury duty this week! And it’s not the first time either. Somehow the news took me on a strange trip through China. Even the Jackass of the Week goes there with a guy who thinks tofu is only for vegans. Then I lighten things up and learn something as I’m joined by a couple very special guests to talk about this week’s featured podcast: Varmints.

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An architect in Honk Kong, one of the most populous cities in the world, has created a tiny house from old concrete water pipes. The 8 foot diameter pipes make for 1000 square feet of living space including mini fridge, shower, and convertible bench/ bed. Too bad they’re illegal in Hong Kong.
A Chinese man, who sells dresses on Aliexpress, has gone viral for posting images of himself modeling his products. 
After her live-in boyfriend of over a year mysteriously disappeared, a  Chinese woman discovered that “he” was in fact a woman in disguise. She is now looking into taking legal action against her ex- and his/her parents after having spent over 300,00 yuan on him/her and feeling scammed.
In China heavy drinking is a major part of negotiating a business deal. One service offers not only designated drivers to get the men and their cars home safely, but also a designated drinker service to do the drinking for them.


An unnamed vegan began ranting at a girl online after complimenting her on her tofu recipe, because he found out she wasn’t also vegan. The ranter raged at the young lady claiming that tofu is for vegans and that her eating it is appropriating it to be hip. (Spoilers- It’s not. It was invented by the Chinese.)


“The Varmints podcast is an education/comedy podcast that’s all about animals! And who better to teach you than two nerds named Paul and Donna? They aren’t exactly animal experts. More like animal enthusiasts. Anyway, every week they do a whole bunch of research to educate themselves and you the listener on all things that creep, crawl, slither, fly, hop and swim on this planet one animal at a time. It’s just like one of those fancy nature documentaries on PBS except without David Attenborough. Or any kind of expertise. Or fancy, polished production values by viewers like you. They might make tote bags someday, though.”

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ODO 79: Weight Changes, Breakfast Food, and The RestauRant Podcast

What do I have in common with my dog? Both of us have had major weight shifts lately. On a similar note, almost all of this week’s news is about breakfast food. I’ve got garlic coffee, cops confused by donuts, a shortcut to chicken and waffles, and a little “green” something to help your appetite. All that food left me with only one choice for this week’s “Recommended Listening” feature: The RestauRant Podcast

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A Japanese coffee shop owner has created an alternative coffee beverage using burnt garlic. He claims that his drink, despite having an aroma of garlic, tastes like regular coffee and is completely free of caffeine.

A Florida man was arrested during a traffic stop when the officer saw a white substance on the floor of the car that he believed to be crystal meth. Lab tests showed it was in fact just doughnut glaze. The man received a $37,500 settlement after suing the city for false arrest.

A Michigan man, wanted on probation violation, claimed he would turn himself in and bring the police a dozen doughnuts if they could get 1000 shares on his “wanted” post. After going viral and getting 4000 shares, he kept his word and showed up to the police station with a bag of doughnuts in hand.

A Long Beach restaurant owner has been getting a lot of heat after it was discovered that the fried chicken on her menu is purchased from Popeye’s. She claims she has always used pre-made fried chicken since her kitchen isn’t equipped to make it, and has never hidden that fact.  

An Orlando couple were shocked to find 65 lbs of pot along with their order of storage containers from Amazon. 


Vigilante Shoots Self Dead While Testing Bullet-Proofing Charms

A member of a Nigerian vigilante group shot himself to death during a new member initiation. He had been wearing a number of charms intended to protect him from gunshots. They didn’t work.


 The RestauRant Podcast


“Rants and raves about restaurants, food, and a celebration of all things culinary.”

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ODO 78: A Long Night

I’m more than a little sleepy this week. On my 3 am drive home from work, my wife informed me that our 2 year old is sick. This meant I was up with him the whole rest of the night, clear up to recording time this morning. The news brings several women who seem to be “weird adjacent,” including the return of the McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce. The “Jackass Of The Week” left me with more questions than answers, and at long last This week’s “Recommended Listening” feature goes to the Brand X Podcast.

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A 16 year-old girl’s lung collapsed while screaming at a “One Direction” concert. Doctors found a small tear in her lung and air pockets in multiple other organs. They sent her home saying that the tear will heal and air will reabsorb on it’s own.
After driving 45 minutes and waiting in line for hours, one of the few people to get a packet of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce actually managed trade it for an entire car.
Three Chinese women were left stuck in a South Korean airport after traveling to have extreme plastic surgery. The women’s faces were extremely swollen and bandaged and they were completely unrecognizable compared to their passport photos.


Man Tries To Light Cigarette With Gas Pump

A North Dakota man was arrested at a gas station after he was seen trying to light his cigarette with the gas pump handle. Let’s be fair, he was arrested for possession of meth, but it was the gas pump bit that he got everyone’s attention in the first place.


Brand X Podcast



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ODO 70: Weird is World Wide

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This week I’ve had some great interactions with other podcasters, surprisingly in my area. One little twitter follow from a podcaster in my town lead to a rabbit hole of podcast discovery from surprisingly big names in my area. The news this week is coming from all around the world, from Australia to Shanghai. The featured podcast this week is a little self serving since it’s my other show, “Mom and Dad Cuss.” Why recommend my own show? Because it’s funny and my wife is on it too.



A logistics driver decided that he would use the ambulance he was delivering to make some extra cash as a ride-share vehicle along the way. Does this classify as an upgraded vehicle option?
An ad for a 2 room apartment in Amsterdam says the unit features a fully equipped private kitchen except for a cooktop, because cooking is banned “by regulations” in the unit. On the plus side, not being able to cook means never having to wash dishes.


Apparently dabbing, that idiotic dance move, is banned in Saudi Arabia. The government claims that the move glorifies drug use. So using it in a public is enough to get you arrested. (Can we start that rule in America?)
A shrimp restaurant in China came under fire for putting up signs offering discounts to ladies based on bust size. 5% for an A-cup, up to 65% for a G-cup. Yeah it’s sexist, but if they did something like that for Chinese men, they would probably all get the 5% discount. *wink wink*


Rich Guy Buys Special Cage To Protect His Rolls-Royce, Then Wrecks Into His Own Cage

An Australian man bought a Rolls-Royce, and had a custom cage built to protect it from damage. Unfortunately he lacked the driving skill to actually pull the car in to the cage and repeatedly hit the it, until the car had to be towed away for repairs. The moral of the story, people who own Rolls-Royces should pay somebody to drive them around.


Mom and Dad Cuss (a Little)


“Listen to Adam and ReAnna Higgins discuss their marriage, trying to stay sane raising 4 boys, and a home life that is a little off from “normal.” We bicker and wisecrack and rant and rave and give an honest view of parenting without the sugar coating”


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Weird Comes In Pairs: ODO 64

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This week’s stories come magically in pairs. I’ve got a couple of people with, let’s just say, “questionable” beliefs. I’ve got a pair of stories about paying WAY too much for something all because of perceived value. A pair of cocaine dealers tied for the “Jackass Of The Week.” This week’s featured podcast even stars a pair of crazy ladies, it’s She Podcasts.


— Sean Corbett (@jdmreverend) June 1, 2017









“She Podcasts began in 2014 as a small Facebook group, built so that our women podcaster friends could have a place online to get quick podcasting answers, tips and resources from one another. However, as soon as the group started, it grew enormously. Friends were adding friends and before long it had been built to almost 2000 women in some phase of building and PRODUCING a podcast.She Podcasts is a show all about podcasting – for women – by women.

Hosted by Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar – two of the leading voices in podcasting – this show is dedicated to addressing all the things that come up for podcasters from a female perspective: news, tech gadgets, relationship management, interview best practices, show notes, everything you can think of can and will be covered. As podcasters, women often have a unique approach to all aspects of creating and growing a podcast – the tech, the interview, the sharing – all of it. Our mission is to highlight, enhance and support current women podcasters by creating a supportive, fun and nurturing community as well as a platform for continuing to cultivate stronger and more powerful voices in the world of podcasting.”


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ODO 42: Defending Barbie

Defending Barbie

 This week news broke that Amy Schumer is in talks to lead a Barbie movie. I can’t get behind this, but not for the reason you might think. Plus I launch a new “Recommended Listing” segment by talking about “PreRecorded Live.” As always there’s “BS from the News.” And in the the “Jackass of the Week” I have a word or two about being a responsible smoker.

Adam’s Rant

Amy Schumer is in talks to write and star in a live action Barbie movie.

Since news broke of the Amy Schumer lead Barbie movie, there has been more than enough hate thrown around. Most of that hate has to do with the fact that Amy Schumer bears ZERO resemblance to any Barbie doll. I don’t think she should be playing Barbie, but it has nothing to do with her looks. I honestly just don’t think she is the right person to play such an iconic character. The reported plot of the movie will be a comedy involving Schumer’s Barbie being an outcast who leaves the Barbie world for the “real” world. Lessons are learned and she returns to save the Barbie world… Blah blah blah. The problem is that Amy Schumer’s style of “funny” is completely counter to the wholesome image that Barbie represents. Plenty of people love her style of comedy. I don’t think she’s funny, but either way she is an “adult” comic. Barbie is a children’s character and should be given a treatment that is fitting of an icon of her stature. I honestly cannot picture any version of a comedy lead by Amy Schumer that could be true to who Barbie is and what she represents. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it can work. I just honestly feel like putting any comedienne like Amy Schumer in the iconic shoes of Barbie, is degrading to the legacy of the role, and fundamentally damaging to the brand that has been around for nearly 60 years.

Bullshit From the News

‘Full House’ Creator Jeff Franklin Purchases Tanners’ Real-Life Home

A photo posted by Jeff Franklin (@fullerhouseguy) on


Man breaks into neighbor’s apartment to steal Wi-Fi

 An Ohio man was arrested after breaking in to his neighbor’s apartment in order to steal her Wi-Fi password.

Jackass of the Week

 Christmas float catches fire after ‘Grinch’ flicks cigarette

An unidentified man flicked a lit cigarette at a Whoville themed float on it’s way to a parade in Huntsville, Alabama,  burning it to the ground.

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