ODO 118

A Friendly Troll, Bad Cops, and A Rough Giraffe: ODO 118

Another week, another show where I don’t have a jumping off point. But that quickly takes a turn into my revelation that, when it comes to my friendships, I’m kind of a troll. But I’m a friendly troll. In a long overdue Recommended Listening, this week I’m talking about the Rough Giraffe Podcast. And finally, the Jackass of the Week brings us a couple of Detroit police precincts who really need a lesson in communication.     Download mp3

ODO 90

ODO 90: “I Shake My Head” At Tide Pods and Jury Duty

This week I’m following up on my tales of jury duty from the last show, and I share a little about my weekend experience in the snow. The news ranges from a cheating marathon runner and abusive doctor, to “unnatural” cow sex.” Of course I have to rant about the Tide Pods thing. And In Recommended Listening, we’re having fun in the car with “I Shake My Head w/ Lisa and Sam.”  (download mp3)    -WEIRD NEWS- Man Ruptures Throat Stopping Sneeze A Man managed to blow a hole in his pharynx by holding his nose and blocking an especially powerful sneeze. Woman Assaulted In Disco, Goes To Hospital And Finds Doctor Assaulted Her A woman in Russia, while out at a nightclub with friends, was assaulted by a man. When she went to the hospital to get her injuries checked out for the police report, the doctor on call turned out to be the one who supposedly assaulted her. He then attempted to assault her again before being stopped by nurses. Champion Ultra-Marathon Runner Caught Cheating by Hiding In Toilets An accomplished ultra-marathon runner was found to have been cheating by hiding inside of port-a-potties and waiting to cross […]