ODO 107

ODO 107: I Don’t Need To Be Rich

The Livestream For The Cure is over and they managed to raise over $11,000 for the Cancer Research Institute. I’ve got a small sidebar about my son and coffee, and this week I came to realization that I don’t really want to be rich. The news brings some questionable headlines, an irritable barber, and an absent-minded astronaut. At long last, the time has come for this week’s Recommended Listening feature: Who’s Right w/ Doug and Anthony.   Download mp3  

ODO 101

ODO 101: Old Reliable “Idiots”

We’re back to “normal” this week. At least as normal as things really get around here. I’ve been spending a lot of time working on building the website and the patreon for the show. Of course that means I haven’t been nearly as productive as I’d have liked to have been. But we did get a new Shark. That’s exciting right? The news this week gets us back to those standard stories of drugs, bad judgement, and plain old stupidity. The “Jackass of The Week” puts a new twist on the old excuse, “it’s not mine.” Finally, in Recommended Listening, […]

ODO 42: Defending Barbie

Defending Barbie  This week news broke that Amy Schumer is in talks to lead a Barbie movie. I can’t get behind this, but not for the reason you might think. Plus I launch a new “Recommended Listing” segment by talking about “PreRecorded Live.” As always there’s “BS from the News.” And in the the “Jackass of the Week” I have a word or two about being a responsible smoker. Adam’s Rant Amy Schumer is in talks to write and star in a live action Barbie movie. Since news broke of the Amy Schumer lead Barbie movie, there has been more […]

Putting the Labor in Labor Day: ODO 35

Putting the Labor in Labor Day      This week was Labor Day in the US. I mention it being in the US because apparently I’m actually more popular overseas than I am at home. Just kidding, I’m not popular anywhere. But anyway, it was Labor day on Monday, a day where we honor the blue collar working man by giving all the white collar guys the day off. I actually didn’t have work on Labor Day. This is partially because I work for a relatively small company, and our boss is cool like that. But mostly it’s because I don’t work on Mondays anyway. […]

Remembering Gene Wilder: ODO 34

Remembering Gene Wilder: ODO 34 What’s the deal 2016!? Stop killing our legends! I know I’m not the first to say it, but this has become the year the legends died. The loss of Gene Wilder this week just pushes that point home.      Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, you’ve probably heard that, legendary comic actor, Gene Wilder passed away this week. Of course, when an artist of his caliber passes away, the world collectively mourns. I’ve mentioned before that I am a very sensitive person. I realize that here it may seem like my […]

The Magic School Bus: ODO 33

The Magic School Bus      After weeks of trying to get a new episode recorded, I’m finally back. School is back as well and I’ve got a bone to pick with the people on the road. This week’s “BS From the News” has a woman with psychological issues, a woman committed to a scam, a hungry cop, and a twist ending to a great play in baseball.      Things have been pretty hectic in the Odd Dad household lately. Between my wife and I both working lots of overtime and school starting back up for our oldest, I’m […]

ODO 32: Poké of Shame

  Poké of Shame      This week I have a shameful confession to make. Then I take a moment to geek out about all the new superhero stuff going on. And, in BS From the News we learn why you shouldn’t leave your dogs in your car and we meet a noblewoman with an interesting pest problem. Plus I give an update on building my podcast network, and I need your help.      I have a painful confession this week. I have started playing Pokémon Go. Now before you call me out on my acknowledged semi-hypocrisy, a caveat to this confession. My wife downloaded the game to my […]

ODO 30 I Choose You, Or Not

I Choose You, Or Not…      I have learned that work trips are a great way to observe general human stupidity in action. Plus the 400 lb app in the room, we’re talking Pokemon Go. And in “BS From the News” we’ll learn probably the only thing in the way of poke-world domination, and just how bad one little typo can be.      Is this irony, or meta, or just a silly coincidence? I was listening to my buddy Mark from “What’s Happening With the NewMan” while I was on the road for work. In his last episode (#16 if you’re wondering) he not […]

ODO 26: A Lesson From Spongebob

A Lesson From Spongebob      This week I experiment with a new format including defined segments. Forgive me, I haven’t gotten all the kinks worked out, but I’m open to any suggestions. Segments will include: “BS From the News” where I provide commentary on a particular news story from the past week, “Storytime (working title)” which will be my topic/ rant of the week, and finally a “Podcast of the Week” where I simply recommend or review a podcast either from my subscriptions or reviewed twitter followers.  BS From the News George Zimmerman is trying to sell the gun used […]