ODO 131

Birthdays and Coffee Gods: ODO 131

I’m rewinding a bit to talk about my birthday, and more accurately the gifts I got for my birthday and Yule (spoilers it’s coffee.) In Recommended Listening I’m doing another little rewind to the other show from previous guest, Derek, from the Sometimes Geek podcast. with Rolling Misadventures. Finally in the Jackass of the Week, I’ve got a guy who lied about his age so bad, I don’t know what’s worse, him or the people who fell for it.

ODO 87: New Year, Same Stupidity

Happy New Year! This week’s news shows that just because the year is new, doesn’t mean that the stupidity has changed one bit. I’ve got an ignorant burglar, an idiotic driver, a bunch of people who just didn’t get a joke, and even more stupidity. Plus I rattle on about New Year’s and my birthday and all the little side tangents that those take me to. In Recommended Listening I’ve got something a little spooky, a little creepy, and a whole lot of silly with “The Unseen Hour.”  (download mp3)  -WEIRD NEWS-  Polar Plunge Postponed Due To Cold Weather The annual Polar Plunge in Hyannis, Massachusetts has been postponed because it’s just too cold to watch. The weather forecast predicted a wind chill below zero degrees. Although it may be ok for the plungers, it’s not so great for the spectators. Lawyer Calls Client’s Actions a “Crime Of Stupidity” A Pennsylvania man plead guilty to burglary charges after cutting a hole between his and his neighbors basements and stealing about $200 in quarters. His lawyer called it a “crime of stupidity,” because he couldn’t imagine his client could really think he’d get away with something like that. Oregonians Freaking Out […]