Summer Camp = Screwy Schedules: ODO 151

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Looks like it’s going to be shorter shows for the next couple weeks. Long story short, my boys being in a summer camp program has totally messed with my daily home schedule and I just don’t have the time for longer shows for a couple weeks. But I did give you a little teaser for an upcoming feature.

Summer Camp

Because of the boys current schedule for their summer camp program, my daily routine has been thrown off a bit. In simplest terms, when I should be sleeping, I’m picking up the boys from school. Also, because of them being in school and hyped up from their day, they don’t want to take a nap when they get home, which means that I can’t take a nap either. Plus, I’ve still got all of my regular house duties. Having to take the boys to school and pick them up in only a couple hours span really puts a pinch on that stuff. I know it’s only for a couple weeks, but it wears on you after a bit.

Upcoming Feature

Girl In Space

Girl In Space Podcast

As mentioned by Emily Prokop in ep 150, I have recently been binge listening to the Girl In Space podcast. After all of this summer camp craziness is over, expect a full feature.

*special note

I mentioned there being a jackass of the week. After recording an extensive rant on the subject, I decided to cut the entire thing from the episode. It’s available for Patreon supporters if you care to listen to me getting political and frustrated all at once. I really just felt like it got way off from where I had originally meant for the subject to go, and ultimately, it was not what this show is supposed to be about. I want you to have fun and enjoy yourselves listening to me make fun of dad life and stupid crime, not get into political discussions.

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