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Podcasting Is Hard

I get it. Podcasting is  a thousand times harder than you thought it would be.
Trust me, I know. I’ve been podcasting for over 3 years and it’s still hard.
But in the past 3 years I have learned a few things.
The indie podcast community is amazing

Ask any indie podcaster what the best part of podcasting is. Nine times out of ten, they will say the community. The camaraderie among the indie podcast community is like nothing else. Only there will you see hosts who are direct competitors with one another and promoting each other with little concern for any negative effects on their audience. And most of us will say that, even if nobody were listening, we would still produce our shows because we just love doing it.

Podcasting is a lot of work

When you listen to a podcast, all you hear is the voice of the host and maybe some music. It can’t be that hard to do, right? Then you buy a microphone recommended by a blog post from 2012 and plug it in to your laptop and find out that you don’t sound anything like Joe Rogan. And on top of that, you HATE the sound of your own voice. Then you spend hours upon hours trying to figure out how to get rid of that echo, and what the heck is that buzzing noise? Suddenly you realize that it is not at all as easy as it sounds. There is a lot of work that goes in to every episode of even the most free form podcast.

Between time spent researching topics, recording, and editing, podcasting is a full time job. And that’s not even counting promotion…

I really enjoy helping people bring their vision for their podcast to life

One of the biggest parts of my podcast has always been where I feature and promote other podcasts. I am a big supporter of the philosophy of “a rising tide raises all ships” or however that goes. But I have found that many podcasts that I listen to have great content but not the best audio quality. Or perhaps they just need a little cleaning up of the content to make things smoother. That’s when I started reaching out to some of my podcaster friends asking if I could take a shot at editing their show. Not because I thought they sounded bad, but because I felt like, for as good as their content was, they should sound better. And I found that I truly enjoy helping other podcasters create their shows. I love taking the rough bare bones of a podcast and smoothing things out and adding a little polish to make it into something awesome. I get so much joy out of helping other podcasters that I started ODO Voice Production to be able to work on podcasts full time and help as many other podcasters as I can create the best content that they can.


Could Your Podcast Use An Editor?

Are you a podcaster or aspiring podcaster?
Is producing and editing a podcast just too much to handle?
Do you just want your podcast to sound better?


Let’s See What I Can Do For Your Podcast

What's the name of your podcast, if you already have one
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