Day 11 #NAPODPOMO 2018 Mom and Dad Talk Drag

Day 11 of #NAPODPOMO and I’m joined by my wife, ReAnna, because she was in the room, and she decided that if I’m going to be in here doing this, she may as well be a part of it. After our customary smack talk, we get in to a little chat about the sequel to a movie that I featured over a year ago, “Hurricane Bianca 2: From Russia With Hate.” Of course, from there we just go off about Drag Race and All Stars season 4 coming up, and some of our favorite drag queens. 

Day 12 #NAPODPOMO 2018 RIP Stan Lee

It’s Day 12 of #NAPODPOMO and today we lost the master of all Marvel Comics, Stan Lee. He passed away this morning at the age of 95

RIP Stan Lee ( 1922-2018)


Day 13 and I smashed my freaking toe on my son’s bed. So you get to hear me grip about it. FREAKING OWW!!

Day 14 #NAPODPOMO 2018 Random Ramblings

Day 14, and no full show this week, probably. Between broken toe and long night at work, combined with some editing work to get done, I just didn’t have time to pull it off. So I chat about the struggle of doing a show everyday when you really have no plan, and my hope for Paul from Varmints in his actual plan to pull this off next year.

Day 15 #NAPODPOMO 2018: Buses, USB, and Mourning Stan Lee
Jackass Of The Week

Armie Hammer Bashes People For Posting Stan Lee Selfies After His Death

Day 16 #NAPODPOMO 2018: Recommended Listening- 2000 DC

It’s Friday. It’s Day 16 of #NAPODPOMO and that means it’s time for Recommended Listening. This week’s feature is the new sitcom podcast, 2000 DC.

-2000 DC

2000 DC is a satirical sitcom podcast. Follow Alex and Dimitri as they move into Washington DC and face issues of the modern world. 

Day 17 #NAPODPOMO How Am I Doing

Day 17 of #NAPODPOMO and it’s been a slow day. So here’s just a recap of all my maladies in recent weeks, and how I’m doing up to now. Plus a reminder of our dog’s birthday.

Day 18 #NAPODPOMO A Sometimes Mis-Rolling Geek Adventure

Day 18 and I am joined by Derek Graziano of the Sometimes Geek Podcast, and Rolling Misadventures podcast. We talk about his shows. We talk about our weirdness. And we just have a fun time.

-Sometimes Geek

-Rolling Misadventures

-You, Me, and Duffy

Day 19 #NAPODPOMO Busy Busy Monday

Monday, Day 19, and I’m busy as hell. Between all my regular monday duties, final shopping for Thanksgiving, and baking bread for Thanksgiving stuffing, I’m a bit run down today.

Day 20 #NAPODPOMO Talking Thanksgiving Sides

Day 20 of #NAPODPOMO and in my Thanksgiving theme this week, I’m talking about my personal sides, and how I make stuffing mostly from scratch.